Carmela è una bambola

Carmela è una bambola

Carmela defies her father who wants her to marry Baron Prospero and sleepwalks every night to Toto's room.

Carmela defies her father who wants her to marry Baron Prospero and sleepwalks every night to Toto's room. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neil P (au) wrote: A nice change to see a film well under 2 hours with a coherent plot. The film instills a danger I haven't seen in a western for a long time where it feels the weak are absolutely powerless against those who prey upon them. Until they make the mistake of messing with Mads Mikkelsen of course. Mikkelsen continues to be one of the most captivating actors on screen with that rare ability to look fragile and/or terrifying at any given moment. The washed out colours and graining making the night and day segments interesting to look at too. A solid little film.

Peter W (au) wrote: Clever and surprisingly charming performances by the entire cast. It's exciting to see a Dogme film pulled-off with understatement but also such profound warmth.

Daniel P (mx) wrote: Rubbish, but engaging rubbish, and it works largely due to Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn's chemistry. It's also one of those films that makes me nostalgic for my pre-teen years.

Eric H (gb) wrote: Some interesting shots strung together with a pretentious, artsy narration that mimics profundity in a familiar jejeune style. Assumptions include that the east is superior to the west, television is bad, capitalism evil, etc. Sample insight: "Pac-man puts into true perspective the balance of power between the individual and the environment." With a different narration it could be a much better film. One key to its superficiality: the people are only seen, never heard. The narrator's voice covers all, like ketchup. Marker has a good eye, a good feel for faces and gestures, but a mushy brain. If you're a young aspiring artist in an MFA program who's attracted to "theory" the humorless self-importance of this film may appeal to you.

Joseph D (de) wrote: Another masterpiece by Akira Kurosawa.

Robert I (au) wrote: Oh my God, they didn't...