In order to help her smuggler kinsmen, a sultry gypsy seduces and corrupts an officer of the Civil Guard turning him into a traitor and murderer.

In order to help her smuggler kinsmen, a sultry gypsy seduces and corrupts an officer of the Civil Guard turning him into a traitor and murderer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carmen torrent reviews

Yagami E (es) wrote: This is my favorite movie!! So cool movie!!

August M (it) wrote: A radiant, ambitious, beautiful film. Though it's a tad long, it's visually sumptuous and powerful. Popaud turns in a uniquely subtle lead performance and Clement is his ferocious companion.

Travis J (kr) wrote: all this movie really did was make me look at motels in a an eerie way or more of one should i say.I did enjoy trying to figure out what the hell was going on though.cause i had no clue until it was over so i guess it was effective just wish it was more entertaining up until that point

Steve L (br) wrote: Damn fine low budget film

Diego Martn (it) wrote: Muy buena pelimuy interesante!

Kenneth M (fr) wrote: the fights were really good! there were also quite a few touching moments. nicely shot and choreographed.I thought it was interesting to know its based on a real person, though i have doubts whether everything was true.While the main character showed development throughout the film, I cannot fully understand some of his motivations. i suspect that is the case for most 'based on real story' movies, where the film writers have to 'fill in the gap' between historical facts.Not that it feels like a historical movie, it's definitely a martial arts action flick and it excels well as one.(may i also add that the female lead, aya hirayama was absolutely kawaii >.< )

Fawn R (gb) wrote: Is Bon Jovi STILL trying to make films?? GAG!

Mark Z (gb) wrote: Very energetic film. I'm a fan of Asia and it is a personal film to her, so she is can be self indulgent if she wishes. Well done to a gorgeous woman.

Janne (au) wrote: I have never laught so hard in the first ten minutes of a film,ever."Life`s hard and then you...beat the hell out of the taxidriver,or you throw a blinking policesirene into your piano while you play and scream "polizei "

Gorkey G (es) wrote: Jude Law made it watchable.

Luc A (us) wrote: The great Jozef von Sternberg was New York's best student of the German expressionist style of cinema. To drive this point home, Sternberg populates the movie with appropriately grotesque gargoyles whilst focusing the audience's attention on the lascivious Marlene Dietrich as the young, sex-mad princess Catherine (only once she has spent a first night with a Hussar does she act with any conviction; Marlene I am afraid, does not do innocence well.....). Aptly, Jozef is quoted as saying that "I care nothing about the story, only how it is photographed and presented." And indeed 'The Scarlet Empress' represents terrible history telling but great cinema... the two being able to coexist most happily as the great Soviet propaganda movies confirm.Historians write that Peter III (portrayed to great effect by Sam Jaffe as a half-wit and a lunatic) was in reality a serious, reform-minded monarch who implemented 220 new laws in his short 186 days in power: proclaiming religious freedom, abolishing the secret police, instituting compulsory education for the nobility, dispensing them from obligatory military service and giving them the freedom to travel abroad. For the first time in Russia's unusually bloody history, killing a peasant became punishable by law!Watching the Scarlet Empress leaves the viewer woefully ignorant of Peter's true greatness. Instead Marlene Dietrich works her seductive charm and our sympathies are misdirected to the Lady Macbeth-like figure of Catherine: although her hand in her husband's murder was never proven; the murderers were richly rewarded by the newly-crowned empress and the hated secret police was soon reinstituted under her reign.

Casey P (br) wrote: great story , keeps attention the whole way

Nik M (us) wrote: True Lies benefits from James Cameron's well-directed, explosive action and Jamie Lee Curtis' performance. The plot, after the first act, diverts onto an entirely other story that only serves a minimal effect on the bigger story at hand. Still, another Schwarzenegger-pumped action flick added to the fanbase's list of favourites.

Jason T (fr) wrote: I love B movies but this was just a nightmare. If there was a script, it was whipped together in 5 minutes. It did have a fair amount of 80's charm though.