Carmen is a beautiful woman working in a business that is dedicated to smuggling. One day, Carmen fights and hurts to a smuggler woman, so a sergeant in the National Guard, José Navarro, stops detain her. In doing so he also falls in love with her, but jealousy will destroy his passion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1978
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Carmen torrent reviews

Mad M (de) wrote: Zombie fan here... skip it. There is practically no zombie survival fun. While they did a good job on zombie makeup, they underutilized the zombies. Too much CGI, not enough ketchup blood.The best part was the character interactions. Its a lot of walking around the desert and 1-liners that aren't funny.

Kate T (kr) wrote: good movie, albeit a cheesy Lifetime one.

Jenn T (ru) wrote: I enjoy a Western every now and then and this one was very entertaining. Nothing special but definitely not a waste of time.

Dean M (ca) wrote: Patrick Swayze is funny and believable in a role that seems to have been fashioned out of cardboard.

Matthew H (kr) wrote: This is movie is beyond crap, i don't know what i did to parents to be made to watch this s**t movie. I wanted to rip my arm off and throw it at the screen,this movie should of never been made at all

Mark H (es) wrote: The more I watch this film the better it gets. It seems to have everything, including a character with depth and emotion.

Ryan K (nl) wrote: I was forced to sit through this and I have to say this movie was so boring! This had nothing exciting or fun to watch from beginning to end. I was hoping and crossing my fingers this was going to be good. But this becomes the most sexist chick flick I have ever seen. Sadly women are portrayed slutty and are demoralized. Men are pigs but the one guy is portrayed as a man that is sexy to the girls and they want him. Now there is good in this movie. John Goodman and the leading male are the best in the movie. I could sympathize with them and they were awesome! Everyone else is forgettable and uninteresting. The plot is so generic I've seen it a billion times I know what happens and it's not a shocking ending. We all know what will happen and it ruins the experience. I didn't really enjoy it and I think there are better romance dramas out there than this.

Gavin P (ag) wrote: Starts promisingly, as a World War I French Colonel, Dax (Douglas), is ordered to attack a fortified German position and a battle ensues. They fail horribly and the dodgy General Mireau (Macready) wants to court martial the entire division for being cowards. Unfortunately, the film then becomes a political courtroom drama, with some good acting from Douglas and General Broulard (Menjou), but it gets boring and you don't really care for the three scapegoats enough. Sure, strong points about the futility of war and how corrupt even the good guys were/are, but it definitely became less interesting, even though it's only an 85min film. Poor ending too. Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket' was much better made and executed.

Daniele C (kr) wrote: Tornatore never disappoints. A truly enthralling movie, with great actors, and a surprising plot twist that loses a bit of rhythm only in the (too long) central part.

Tony P (de) wrote: Great low budget British horror/exploitation film from the mid 1970s. The subject being cannibalism (shocking!)The cast including the main star Sheila Keith put in top drawer performances added to clever film making by other crew members.Director Pete Walker shocked with all his films in this period. He was rightly renowned for his anti - establishment film making that shocked some of the liberal press and censors of the time.In this film we see what can happen when mass murderer's are released early. In this case only 15 years after being sentenced to treatment at a mental institution. It brings sad comparisons to real life cases such as the Bulger kilkers and the Moors Murderers pleas for clemency that were often championed by do-gooders such as Lord Longford. The film has aged well and the print I watched was excellent quality unlike The House Of Mortal Sin, Walker's next film.Watching this gem has made me want to watch other Walker work including Die Screaming Marianne and House of Whipcord.