Carmen of the North

Carmen of the North


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Carmen of the North torrent reviews

Inta K (ag) wrote: pretty nice romantic movie..

raymond s (ag) wrote: I really love this movie,it was`slammin,i got that on dvd, it just like anti American Pie meets I Want Candy meets PCU meets Pretty Cool meets Getting Lucky meets Dorm Daze meets Fired Up meets Loser meets 18-Year-Old Virgin meets Deep In The Valley meets Better Off Dead meets American Virgin.I that movie A+ for very funny.

Irene I (nl) wrote: ben whishaw n matthew goode? this i gotta see...

Dorian G (it) wrote: Entirely forgettable, mich like Rush Hour 2. I giggled a couple times, and some fights were ok, but really no worth the 84 minutes.Watched on Netflix with Sam at her house, May 20, 2016.

Akire R (kr) wrote: A timeless horror film. It starts with thousands of questions and no answers. During the travel through room after room, you'll get to discover every secret along with the characters, all the way to the unexpected ending. In a time with horror movies with millionaire budgets that fail horribly to even interest you, this low-budget treasure will keep you with both eyes open and at the edge of your seat.

Nick D (au) wrote: It's so much easier these days to go back into time to see early classics that we missed, this being a prime example. I had adored Drugstore Cowboy and My Private Idaho, but never caught VanSant's earlier, rawer work. Raw it is, in sentiment and style. There's a goofy power in the protagonists' obsession with the Mexican street kids, declared from the opening shots and pursued nonstop throughout -- a kind of tragicomic shaggy dog story of lust and poverty. Great soundtrack.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, February 6, 2012 (2004) Out Of Season THRILLER Low budget straight to rental film with ambitious teen becoming a victim of a robbery because his supposed girlfriend wanted him to continue to hang there. And while striding for some quick cash, he gets poorly trained by the Dennis Hopper character to steal some jewelry from some alliants, a female Gina Gershon who often steals from her husband who owns a rollercoastal carnival fair. And of things don't quite work the way it's supposed to with Dominique Swain as the sneaky manipulative girlfriend. An extremely poor version of such movies such as Snatch, Pulp Fiction and Get Shorty along with many many others! Bomb

Matt B (jp) wrote: I think Slither could have been a lot better, but it's still a ton of fun. Gross, gory and funny as ever!

SR H (de) wrote: I felt it was kind of cliched, everything you expected to happen happens. Not fantastic, it's okay, probably won't see it again.

Frank D (us) wrote: seth green steals every scene