Carmen's Kiss

Carmen's Kiss

The tragic story of Joe, a Police Sargeant in London who falls for Carmen a feisty gypsy girl who is the victim of a eastern European gang of sex traffickers. Joe rescues her from her horrific entrapment and begins to love her like no man has before.

A sex-trafficked girl, now turned business woman, seeks revenge. Can she outwit her kidnappers with the help of Joe, her ex cop lover? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (jp) wrote: Utter garbage.The only redeeming feature is that shea buttery le boof isn't in it

Maegan A (gb) wrote: omg worst movie ever i have no taste. its just someone with a camera and dem doin shit

Drew B (br) wrote: I thought this movie was going to be way more about the yo-yo gimmick.

Wesley W (ag) wrote: Compared to the other three films, this is one giant step back and it makes them look like the Lord of the Rings franchise. My god, what a piece of dog crap this crappy as hell movie was. Where the hell do I even start? This new straight-to-dvd cast was absolutely terrible and Tad Hilgenbrinck playing Steve Stifler's younger brother was nothing more than a generic idiot doing a bad job at imitating Sean William Scott's funny character and he is more of a fakecarboncopymeister than a "Stiffmeister". With this one, its like the director told everybody to do whatever they wanted and the result was 1 hr and 36 min of terrible and thoughtless filmmaking. The acting was god awful, none of the characters were funny or likeable in any way shape or form, and when compared to the original American Pie cast, they look like little ants waiting to be stepped on. Not one god damn time did I ever laugh or ever think that this was going to be good at all, even Jim Levinstein's dad Eugene Levy and the hot women couldn't save this unnecessary sorry pile of garbage film. I wouldn't even recommend this to fans of this franchise because all this does is kill brain cells, has none of the heart of the other films, and just pisses you off. In the end, I would be able to find a spot for this movie in the Worst Films of All Time list.

Scott C (ag) wrote: Extremely forgettable.

Matt B (jp) wrote: amusing for crap cinemax

Bruce B (mx) wrote: I believe this movie was made for TV, as I am sure even in Cowpoke, Nebraska it would be hard to keep a movie audience awake. Not a lot of real action, but enough for TV and popcorn. But you would have to be a western freak to enjoy this one. David and Keith Carradine play good roles, and Suzy Amis seldom handles a starring role very well and this movie is no exception, don't know what it is, she does well in TV Short roles ie Miami Vice where she started off as a hooker, but as a western wife she lacks conviction. Tom Selleck makes a rather large target in a gun fight along with a large man riding a horse across the open range, dam I'm sore just watching him. And Tracey Needham a beautiful women and if she came knocking on my Cabin Door wanting to spend the night, come on Tom What is wrong with you. Anyway typical western film, I have land, bad guys want, land, over my dead body. Not to bad, but just good enough for 3 stars.

Tom C (de) wrote: Morgan Freeman is undoubtably fantastic and Kathy Baker definitely should have had an Oscar nomination. However, outside of these outstanding performances, the movie falls very flat, the flattest of which is definitely Christopher Reeve's lack of realistic emotion. The movie is flooded with stale direction and uneven pacing. And the conclusion and its path to it is unsatisfying and mediocre at best.

Mike E (ca) wrote: damn this is amazing.

John R (ru) wrote: 141229: Some serious firepower here and I'm not talking about the weapons. Classic cinema featuring some of the biggest stars of the era. Slight flaws in this harsh (ask Cobby Gill Age 11), twisted tale but easy to overlook during the action packed struggle between The North, The South and a bunch of common criminals. The happy ending seems forced to me, a bit too dramatic, but I enjoyed this behind the front lines tale of the civil war. Now I'll be moving along, or backtracking I guess, to Dodge City (1939).