When designer Robert Meering returns from vacation, he discovers the company he worked for unexpectedly went bankrupt so he decides to visit his old boss. His former employer Banninger liquidated the company and claims that all designs of Robert are his. When Robert's Porsche gets stolen by two thieves, he manages to track them down. When they tell him about 40 Porsche's in a dealer shop garage owned by Banninger things change and suddenly get very interesting.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:German,French,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   car,   automobile,  

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Terry R (ru) wrote: I love how most of these Tales of the Green Lantern Corps were co authored by Alan Moore. The books were a bit darker, but this was still very enjoyable.

Sophyia P (ag) wrote: I can't watch it won't let me

Samara W (br) wrote: Great cast! Some quite funny moments, sadly they put quite a few of the best in the trailer. In general not too bad.

Claudia F (ag) wrote: My building was one of the sets... a typical middle class building in SP. The director is the great Walter Salles (with Daniela Thomas). The first movie (for me) with 5 protagonists. Worth watching if you appreciate Brazilian movie... or if you wanna know about Brazil.

Vicki G (es) wrote: This is SO funny and SO riveting. Loved it. It veers from the sublime (MC Supernatural's performance stands out) to the ridiculous - what a farcical attempt to put a concert on! Waiting to see if ODB will show gives the whole thing a sense of tension too. Very good!

Mark W (de) wrote: Fantastic film - Brenda rocks

RB S (au) wrote: not as good as the first, but you know... neither was the book.

Lee M (br) wrote: This is a film for people who like to cry, and there's a contrived element that's inherent to the beautiful-death genre. Still, Polley is the film's saving grace

Spencer S (mx) wrote: Adapted from the chilling mind of Clive Barker, "Candyman" is much more than a story about an urban legend turned serial killer. Barker looks at the everyday, the mundane, and twists it into submission. He doesn't believe in the suburban, or the normal. Through the clichs he sees the gruesome world of dreams, the outer membrane that surrounds us all, and from that he cultivates a horror tradition that lends itself to the grotesque. In this film, his tensest buildup to date, he shows martyrdom in the face of evil. Virginia Madsen is a graduate student who searches for the legendary Candyman in the ghetto of South Chicago, inevitably finding him. The story revolves around her seduction, and eventual sacrifice for the good of the community. The film is great for the fact that it builds up its villain, and also sets a mood unlike other horror films. The seduction mirrors the old "Dracula" films, and yet is much bloodier for the benefit of slasher fans, bridging traditions and creating a terrifying narrative where the boogeyman is real.

Tony M (br) wrote: Great film based on the true story of Derek Bentley. 5 stars for this one.

Chris W (ca) wrote: Possibly the best "Jesus film" I've ever seen. Denys Arcand made a thoughtful and profound film about those who put on a Passion Play and winds up with a smart, humane and funny film about the theater, friendship, sacrfice and the church's fear of the new. The passion play itself is something to see, but it's the non-forced allegory in the story that really hits home. The fate of Daniel is very touching. A wonderful film.

Ian R (gb) wrote: This might be the trashiest movie ever. The plot is simply old dudes want to sleep with young girls and hire a surfer to help. Tonnes of nudity and zero conflict, but there's lots of partying and boobs so if you want sex comedy antics this is amazing!

Jonathan D (jp) wrote: Not that the first one is great, but this one is not good.

Chuck C (es) wrote: Hilarious by today's standards.

Celia L (de) wrote: Feels like it was made by teenagers for a high school project. Everyone who has talent is only on screen for a few minutes. Terrible movie