Carnival of Blood

Carnival of Blood

A psychopathic killer uses the carousel ride at a carnival to pick his victims, whom he then murders and dismembers.

A psychopathic killer uses the carousel ride at a carnival to pick his victims, whom he then murders and dismembers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aude S (es) wrote: I had (probably overly) high expectations of the movie given that Sean Penn was the lead. My partner and I found his deliquescent voice supremely irritating (if not impossible to understand) 5 minutes into the movie. His portrayal of a retired ex-goth star utterly fails to convince as it falls immediately into a non-researched caricature that has very little to do with actual goths (admittedly with the exception of the Robert Smith's wig). We gave up after about 50 minutes. All in all, not worth bothering with.

Eliabeth R (kr) wrote: Una loca pelcula con las colombianas angie cepeda, sent que vea las juanas versin internacional menos muchas partes dan risa.. se puede ver

Robert C (ru) wrote: While I respect the effort here...this film just tried too hard to do and be too much. There are some great visuals and the (Twilight Zone-ish) story that's at the heart of the film is fun and interesting, but most of it's potential is lost in the convoluted mess that surrounds it.

Elisa G (ca) wrote: For everyone who enjoys ballroom, has a kid or once was a kid, I suggest watching this. More than the competition or how the kids develop, what struck me in this movie is how much pressure adults put on kids!! It's a massacre at some point! They're strong as hell to be able to live through it and make something of it, but then we see the effects in adulthood. Yes, competition is important, but some teachers just put waaaay too much expectation on the kids.That aside, it's a beautiful report on the dance program, with statements from the kids and teachers about how it affects their lives, how their interactions with other kids have changed. However, I still believe an 11 y.o. is too young to start with ballroom. There's too many implicit gestures and looks and moves that just doesn't fit children's bodies. What's the ideal age? Don't know. Maybe we should just monitor it really well and make the best we can, for the children's sakes.

Darrin C (ag) wrote: Just when I thought vampires were played out and unchanged for too long comes this original and thought-out movie. It is interesting to see how vampires would inevitably evolve and the surviving humans would have to deal.

Gena D (au) wrote: Made me think of "Rumor has it" with the whole same boyfriend between mother & daughter. Cute movie, very sad beginning and the ending didn't have a predictably unrealistic happy ending. Genevieve bawled when she thought tink was dead. We clapped our hands as a family and said we believe and saved her life. :)

Lisa T (kr) wrote: yak! film pertama yg gue tonton di bioskop! jaman SD. hahahahahaha

Oscar P (it) wrote: Great movie Judi Dench is always great!

Dougie F (fr) wrote: One of the best of the Carry On's, ripping the mickey out of those useless trots who helped bring the country to its knees in the 70's.

Douglas L (au) wrote: This is a slow film but it is very interesting visually. The story plays out with ease and has a very surreal quality to it all.

Megan R (au) wrote: The best dance duo that I have seen!

Isabel F (ru) wrote: "If I was any drier, I'd drown."

Russ B (kr) wrote: 4/20/2016: A pretty decent movie. The cast was good and the story interesting,