Carnival Of Souls

Carnival Of Souls

Mary Henry ends up the sole survivor of a fatal car accident through mysterious circumstances. Trying to put the incident behind her, she moves to Utah and takes a job as a church organist. But her fresh start is interrupted by visions of a fiendish man. As the visions begin to occur more frequently, Mary finds herself drawn to the deserted carnival on the outskirts of town. The strangely alluring carnival may hold the secret to her tragic past.

Mary Henry is riding in a car with two other young women when some men challenge them to a drag race. As they speed across a bridge, the women's car plunges over the side into the river. The police spend three hours dragging the murky, fast-running water without success. Then Mary miraculously can not remember how she survived. Mary then drives to Utah, where she has been hired as a church organist. Odd things happen along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claudette A (br) wrote: Did they make this before Captain Phillips or did Captain Phillips come before this?

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Daniel P (gb) wrote: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has an intriguing premise about an important issue (the closed-mindedness of modern scientists), but unfortunately does not argue its case convincingly, employing fallacies and dishonesty rather than coherent logic.

Brad S (it) wrote: Weaves the real story with the musicals story so well and really involves you with these characters.

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Siddikha N (fr) wrote: songs were great...Amitabh Bachan was great in this film!

Les E (it) wrote: Brilliant comedy drama. Very few movies have combined these two genres so well. My best friend when growing up was half Pakistani so maybe I related to it a bit more. I thought it really hit the nail on the head. Om Puri was superb as the father struggling to combine his Pakistani background with his English family at a time when second generation immigrants were becoming fully integrated in British society.. A real British classic.

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