A government experiment goes totally wrong as a creature confined in a hidden lab inside and abandoned house escapes. Afterwards, some teens show up to have a little fun in the house, not knowing that the beast is loose and watching them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A government experiment goes totally wrong as a creature confined in a hidden lab inside and abandoned house escapes. Afterwards, some teens show up to have a little fun in the house, not knowing that the beast is loose and watching them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshwar I (us) wrote: The popular Indonesian frantic gruesome martial arts saga is back with a bang with Rama again in the middle promising more of what made the original so effective. With no expectations whatsoever, The Raid Redemption became a sleeper hit both with the audience as well as the critics with none having a clue of what hit them. The dynamics have changed now and people tend to expect and compare from which very few attempts hit the mark. This story starts from where its predecessor has left off with Rama (Iko Uwais) is getting debriefed at an unconventional location. A police chief coerces Rama into going undercover to both unearth another corrupt cop and also to take heat off from him and protect his family. Rama infiltrates the syndicate run by Bangun (Tio Pakusadewo) a wise patriarch through his hot blooded son Uco (Arifin Putra). He has to struggle to keep his identity a secret, discover the secrets, collect evidence and miss his wife and newly born son. When Uco comes up with his own agenda, can Rama survive?Since this story is out in the open world and not constrained within an apartment building - it is both good and bad. The innovation to excel within its limitations is where the original made its mark but in the open world - it is just as any other movie. The director tries to squeeze everything into it like the prison riots, car chases, modern gadgets along with its famous punches and kicks. He even brought back his Mad Dog Yahan Ruhian in different role with a completely different look. Everything looks like they should from a technical stand point but many things doesn't add up from dramatic and emotional point of view.The original had the relentless pace, even before the previous action set piece is concluded a new one is already midway. The same cannot be said here as it invests in a bigger story, more characters and their development which doesn't seem to be the director's strengths - leading to a bloated runtime. Its plot drivers are riddled with holes like what happens to the injured guy who will be taken away for treatment in the beginning, Rama is seen extremely struggling with an injury and a moment later he is fighting off dozens of bad guys without a sign of the injury and many such continuity issues. Bringing the story to the open world also introduces us to a long list of characters like the 'Hammer Girl' who is similar to Gogo from Kill Bill, the baseball bat guy, Uco and his father, his Japanese friend/rival and his son etc. where most characters get uninteresting in a short-while.With the element of surprise gone, the sequel struggles to compete as a regular action movie.

Private U (nl) wrote: An interesting documentary about how the good ??African-American?? men are getting stereotyped behind the actions of the bad ??African-American?? men. In other words, women need to stop saying that there are no more good black men when there are. Just like women get tired of waiting, we get tired of searching and dealing with the drama. A movie to be seen and understood, not for entertainment but for the message.

Thomas K (br) wrote: I figure sooner or later people will "get" this film. I just hope I'm still around so I can tell them I called it.

Deb W (us) wrote: for those open minded about same sex romances, this is a wonderful's a fav!

WS W (ag) wrote: Those things in the 1980s.

Brian K (ca) wrote: Pre-Miami Vice Philip Michael Thomas. A Buie family classic "must see"

Drew H (ag) wrote: After the 3rd I had high hopes for this but well i was wrong again lee returns and of course his performance his breathtaking but the plot itself is like a twisted campy Dracula story but it's ok

logan w (br) wrote: another great movies people have to see it one of my favorite movies of all time

Neil P (ca) wrote: A very enjoyable film, and my personal favorite, this film has a weak plot, but it is still fun because of Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire working together. The music by Irving Berlin made the film enjoyable (they even worked in Bing singing "White Christmas" again). The best part of the film, though, was Fred Astaire's rendition of "Puttin' on the Ritz", made all the more fun by the fact that it was the only time we got to see multiple Fred Astaires on the screen at the same time.

Edith N (jp) wrote: Not Typical Capra, Anyway There are some fictional places known more for their name than their origin. I doubt one person in ten knows the origin of "Utopia," and I doubt one in a thousand has read the book. Goodness knows I haven't, haven't ever really wanted to. It's something about Saint Thomas Moore, really; his last words amuse me, but I don't think I actually want to read his writing. Similarly, I have never actually read the novel [i]Lost Horizon[/i], wherein Shangri-La appears. James Hilton, the author, was influenced by the actual Buddhist tradition of Shambhala, but in the decades since the book came out, it is Hilton's spelling which has come to dominate Western thinking. I think most people know kind of vaguely that Shangri-La is supposedly in Tibet, but I doubt most of them know why--or care. There is an uprising in China. A planeful of Westerners, mostly British, are making their escape. Only they are flying east, into the heart of Asia, not west, to Shanghai. (I think.) The plane stops only once to refuel, and then they take off again, only to crash high in the Himalayas. There, they are rescued by natives and taken to the sheltered valley of Shangri-La. Among the travelers is Robert Conway (Ronald Colman), intended to be the next British Foreign Secretary. It turns out that Shangri-La is a place of magic powers, a place where there is no illness and where youth lasts centuries. However, the High Lama (Sam Jaffe) is at long last dying, and he has brought Conway and the others to Shangri-La so that Conway will replace him. Unfortunately, Conway's younger brother, George (John Howard), is not so satisfied with Shangri-La as the others. He, along with the lovely Maria (Margo), wants to return to civilization--and he wants the older Conway to come. Honestly, the best part of the movie is Edward Everett Horton as the stuffy paleontologist. He has made a discovery in the Chinese highlands of a megatherium fossil, which will overturn quite a lot of paleontology. (Actually, he's quite right about that, though I don't know it he should have been knighted over it. Currently, the megatherium is exclusively known to have inhabited the Americas, and finding one in Asia would be astonishing.) He seems stuffy. He probably always has been.. But the air of Shangri-La loosens him up. This means that we get both delightful types of Edward Everett Horton behaviour. We get him as the intellectual who has a hard time remembering that not everyone knows as much as he does, and we have the slightly goofy man attempting to entertain children with stories. He is, to me, on that long list of "actors I love and have to identify to practically everyone." The movie, of course, has the casual kind of racism you get from this era. Despite the fact that Shangri-La is a repository for all the world's knowledge, it takes the arrival of Henry Barnard (Thomas Mitchell) to bring in plumbing. So okay; that might be a place where the skill is important. But the High Lama isn't Tibetan. We're not even talking things like how Chang is played by H. B. Warner--not one of [i]those[/i] Warners, one of a distinguished family of British actors. We're talking the character, who is from Luxembourg, of all places. And when the High Lama is dying, he sends for an Englishman. There is also a disregard of the life of the pilot--actually, both pilots. They were supposed to have been flown in by an English-speaking pilot, who disappears from the movie without a trace, and the Tibetan pilot dies bringing them to Shangri-La, we never know quite how or why. Because, I suppose, he might tell Our Heroes what was going on before they were supposed to know. In a way, it could be said that most Capra, or at any rate most of the best-known Capra, is about a longing for Shangri-La. George Bailey wants to travel to find it only to discover that Bedford Falls will do just as well. John Doe is seeking Shangri-La for all of us, and Jeff Smith is creating camps of it for boys. Similarly, the fondness a lot of people have for Capra's films comes from imagining a fanciful world where nothing goes too very wrong. In the end, Good always triumphs over Evil. Gloria (Isabel Jewell) may be a tough woman of dubious reputation, but she's good at heart and can't be allowed to die of what's probably tuberculosis. (She has a cough and six months to live.) Henry didn't mean to scam his investors, and he can do better helping the villagers of Shangri-La than he would in an American jail. It'll all turn out right in the end, in the Land of Capra.

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Such a great damn kids movie. They capture Casper perfectly. So many great cameos too.

Todd C (mx) wrote: good movie can not believe I like a movie with Elijah wood

Paul D (jp) wrote: The first time that I saw this movie I absolutely loved it! On a second viewing I still really liked it, but a few of the dry parts were made more apparent to me. I still think that this is one of the best Bond movies ever made though. I like these movies better when they are character driven.

Tommaso D (ag) wrote: Irrational Man is such an underrated movie.It's original, charismatic, and forces you to choose a side between a phylosophy professor and his student lover as they debate about major life topics.Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are amazing, and what a job from Woody Allen: this is by far one of the best directed movies of 2015.