After being kidnapped, Kate Walker wakes to find herself trapped in a small chamber. She realizes she's not the only prisoner, as nineteen others share the same fate.

After being kidnapped, Kate Walker wakes to find herself trapped in a small chamber. She realizes she's not the only prisoner, as nineteen others share the same fate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zackary G (mx) wrote: While not as clever as it would like to be, this is a very well directed film. There's some painstakingly stupid moves for Fogler's character, but if you can brush that off, you'll enjoy the film.

Mique W (ca) wrote: A mishmash of interesting characters and characters who could've simply been cut out of the story, we don't know much about anyone in the end and, there's nothing compelling however, it's gorgeous to behold and it's the typical feel-good Woody, if that's what you're after.

Ellen W (es) wrote: such a lame christmas movie that is really not worth the time

Mark G (au) wrote: Fun and laughable. Especially if you've read the books.

(ru) wrote: lame try to get inside the modern jewish way of life

Louis V (nl) wrote: Matt Dillon made quite a good film here. Great atmosphere, excellent perfomances and sense of doom pervades. Haunting.

Cocarette (fr) wrote: loved it, a real romance. my favorite was nina's love story and she was not the main character to this movie. i would recomend. its a happy sad moment. love is not the fate of a coin but the feeling of finishing the song that is playing in the other room

christa h (nl) wrote: Rent a Kid is about "renting" kids to try to them before you adopt them. So funny and the kids are so cute.

Jason J (au) wrote: The bloodiest in the franchise!

Deadly V (ca) wrote: F/X is what good 80s action movies were all about.

Andrejs P (jp) wrote: story about an aspiring actor moving from his parents house to big scary greenwich village in the 50's. at first i thought i wasnt going to like the movie (the scene with our lead giving a fake acceptance speech for an oscar while waiting for the train really got on my nerves), then as the movie went on I started to like it (mainly because of shelley winters), then a few days after watching it I've come to the conclusion it really wasnt that good.Its like the movie Woody Allen would have made in highschool as his first movie. There is no character development (unlike what someone said in a previous review) except for the main character. You learn a little about the supporting characters, but what you do learn is pretty much from one sentence. And another thing that bugged me.....the congo line they made walking down the street. I CANT STAND people who are weird just to be weird aka attention whores. If you are going to try to be weird, at least have a real reason for doing so.This movie could have been good and worth a recommendation, its pretty close actually, but i really cant recommend it.

Chris O (kr) wrote: With all due respect to the great Lucille Ball, this film was nothing special or really worth viewing. The plot seemed contrived and yet had holes on an unacceptable character. The scenes jumped around with little or no explanation. The music was poorly executed for the most part. Perhaps the biggest unjustice, however, was that Miss Ball felt shoehorned into this movie. She was the big name that the movie hoped to ride on, but it didn't give her enough of a chance to really show what she can do. The sole amusement to be found in this movie was the screentime Mame shared with Vera, played by the incomparable Bea Arthur. These two played off each other in a humorous manner that, in some very small part, made up for the lack of laughs in the rest of the film. In fact, I think that this may have gotten at the heart of the serious lack of humor: Lucille Ball had no one to play off. For the most part, the supporting cast had absolutely no funny bone in their bodies. Lucille was a comedy genius, but her best work was always playing against a great comedy cast, such as Vivian Vance, William Frawly, and Desi Arnaz in "I Love Lucy." Here, Lucille found no hope in her supporting cast with the exception of Bea Arthur in her over the top snob performance. Lucille Ball and Bea Arthur would have made a great comedy duo outside of this movie. Inside the movie, not even they could save this doomed shadow of a musical.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Soylent Green is......--A smart sci-fi with an engaging vision of the future!!

TheScarlatescu R (nl) wrote: Greatest Femmes Fatales in Classic Film Noir

Robert H (us) wrote: Outpost: Black Sun, the sequel to the nazi zombie flick Outpost, maintains much of what was good from the first film. It also delivers more back story and plot which helps round out the franchise. But like one might expect, if you didn't like something from the first film, it likely made it's way into this sequel. Outpost 2 is essentially very similar to the first film so if you found it too cheesy, or didn't like the look, or thought the soldiers were ridiculous... expect more of the same here.That being said, fans of the first film should be very happy with this outing and like myself, look forward to the third part of the franchise.