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Matthew W (au) wrote: Watchable from an action scene standpoint, but the ludicrous story is too distracting.

crep (br) wrote: liked it. forest whitaker shouldntve died though. i think they only killed him so he can stay away from isold and the kid, he was a bit of a creeper.

Christophe M (us) wrote: C'est clair que c'est proprement dgueulasse par moments, des potes (et pequenauds de surcroit) s'amuse foutre le bordel lorsqu'ils sortent et tuer, torturer et violer lorsqu'ils sont chez eux, plus prcisment dans la cave. Un film qui joue la carte du ralisme puisque l'un des deux potes tient une camera DV et filme le tout (et participe aussi). On peut dire que c'est russi et on a vraiment l'impression d'assister aux dlires meurtriers de deux vrais malades, on peut mme parfois sentir la puanteur tellement on a l'impression d'tre dedans, son ct "dangereux" donne envie de le voir mais ceux qui le font doivent faire gaffe, c'est pas pour tout le monde.

Tom P (ca) wrote: Ray Fiennes and Anthony Hopkins produce good material. Some parts seem slow and dreary, but that is Manhunter AHEM! Red dragon!

Demir B (mx) wrote: Loved the diversity of the characters.

Kevin S (gb) wrote: When the whole royal family gets wiped out the the next relative in line to be king is Ralph. Ralph is a Vegas singer who is having problems making it to the top and caving a decent job. All those worries can end when they come across to America to get Ralph and take him back to England so he can be the next king. The funniest parts about the movie are his struggles to fit in and get use to royal life. John goodman I thought was pretty funny and the movie was entertaining . Not the best comedy out there but it was still an hour and a half worth of enjoyment.

Stevenson M (jp) wrote: It is a classic. One of my favorite from Stephen Chow. almost 18 years now but it is still good. A lot better comedy than his recently works.

Kym C (ca) wrote: Ya gotta love the Corey's!!

Rob M (br) wrote: Great romp with an energetic cast. Still great to watch after 54 years.

Karin R (ag) wrote: I enjoyed it, but there are scenes of Nick spanking Nora, and Nick being not nice in general, which make 21st century me cringe.

John A (es) wrote: The First Martial Arts Film Produced By An American Company, Enter The Dragon Is An Excellent Mix Of Martial Arts & A Crime/Spy Thriller. An Excellently Written Piece Of Cinema Which See's A Martial Artist Recruited By The American Government To Enter A Martial Arts Competition, In Which He Was Invited To Spy On The Competition's Host. Recruited Mainly Due To The Fact The U.S. Need Proof Of His Illegal Activity To Shut Han (The Host) Down. An Excellent Film With Some Decent Character Development Thanks To Nicely Placed & Timed Flashback Sequences. This Is A Film Where The Cast Give Great Solid Performances & Made Bruce Lee An International Star. Look Out For Fellow Martial Artists, Angela Mao, Sammo Hung & Jackie Chan In Small Roles.

Richard W (gb) wrote: A classic conspiracy theory movie, with a great story, excellent cast, and winning performances all round. Telly Savalas's grouchy pilot in particular provides some welcome comic relief.