Carolina Moon

Carolina Moon

A singing cowboy and his sidekick encounter misunderstandings and rodeo havoc as they try and save a man and daughter from con men.

After the evil Wheeler robs plantation owners of their land, Gene sets out to right the wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suanne E (de) wrote: slechtste film ooit. "8 girls (out of 12) are missing, we might have to call the cops now" -- :S @Constantijn Smith en ik traumatized for life.

Hamish C (mx) wrote: This is really well acted and has a pace that while slow, engages. Long takes and great imagery throughout make this well worth a watch.

Tyler L (mx) wrote: Has some good information but in general, its kinda boring...

bill s (es) wrote: This is not as ground breaking as Night or as interesting as Dawn but nobody does zombies better than the master himself.

Kelly F (fr) wrote: Flippin awesome, so dynamic. Shows just how fast life can change, and to enjoy it to the most but not to make such stupid mistakes

Chucky (br) wrote: July 10th-11th, July 17th 2009

Brandon V (fr) wrote: Wickedly delicious. It takes balls of steel to write a movie where a central character falls in love with her abortion doctor and purposefully gets pregnant again to go have another abortion in hopes of meeting him once more. Oh, yes, and to have this woman being portrayed by a male actor. It takes even greater skill to make such things funny.Not every joke succeeds as well, and the movie wears thin at barely even 80 minutes - it feels like it would work better as a short film, or the 30 minute pilot for an edgy cable comedy - but it is breezy and fun for a little while, at least. There are some marvelous one-liners to be found as well.

Emmanuel F (ca) wrote: Pretty good period gangster flick, as long as you can ignore propaganda undertones.

Joel A (au) wrote: A very clever somewhat unknown little comedy from the mid 40's. The story is quite clever for it's time a man get's a newspaper delivered a day early so he is ahead of the news.Like Back to the Future it cleverly shows the consequences of this privileged information, this was surprisingly fresh & original. A lot of these so called 'time traveling' movies often get lost but this movie flowed like magic.Both Director & Actors really pulled off a clever film I'm surprised it wasn't more of a hit with the public at the time.

Doctor S (it) wrote: Another energetic, pleasingly implausible through ride with Ethan hunt and company. This time he gets His best female rival/love interest since Emanuelle Beart in the original. Like in ghost protocol, the action is nearly nonstop but creatively drawn such as a hair-raising motorcycle chase and then under water infiltration that you don't feel like you're watching the same thing again and again. just throw out that my two and three and you've got one of the greatest action movie trilogies.