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Carreiras torrent reviews

Chris D (us) wrote: Cute, ok for kids and adults.

Maggie L (jp) wrote: the story sounds better than the movie is. there are parts i really like, but most of it is just not what i was expecting at all. the acting was actually good, so kudos go to the casting guy. although the guy who played Jorge didn't do it for me.

Ray H (jp) wrote: Though overly-sentimental and at times poorly acted, the movie has it's moments of heart and humor.

Luis C (de) wrote: Um dos filmes mais pessoais e criativos da carreira de Woody Allen. Uma verdadeira obra-prima.

Grant S (ca) wrote: Visually stunning but not as powerful or coherent as Samsara.A documentary on...everything. No narration, no annotations or sub-titles, just images. We see majestic mountains, wildlife, religious and cultural ceremonies and customs, geological phenomena, landscapes, human habitation and how this impacts on nature, industry, urban living, poverty, military weapons and the effects of war, monuments to atrocities, art and architecture. The images are taken from all over the planet. While they might seem random at first, there are links between the different scenes...Quite amazing, visually: well selected and filmed images. It's like a National Geographic video without narration. Interesting themes too: nature vs mankind, war and its effects, the extent of human cruelty, the extent of human creativity, the superficiality and dullness of our daily lives. However, I found the individual scenes a bit ponderous at times, as if the director lingered on one subject too long to take up time. Also, the themes weren't always that clear, profound or well thought out.The problem might be that I watched Samsara (also directed by Ron Fricke and released a year after Baraka) before Baraka, thus some of the novelty had worn off. Samsara seemed more coherent in its message and had better pacing. Maybe if I had watched them in reverse order, my feelings on the two would be reversed.Overall, well worth watching. A very original documentary.

Brian C (mx) wrote: I have mixed feelings about Shanks. It was quite innovative and quite daring to have a movie centered around so many non-speaking mimes.Marcel Marceau plays the titular characters who is a mime and makes human dolls out of corpses using electronics wizardry. Marceau is really quite wonderful. His expressions are creepy and off-putting, yet there is a childish playfulness to it. The characters of the brother and sister were really good, and they were amazing as the reanimated doll corpses. They really looked and moved like a marionette would!The bikers however, were extremely bad. From their really bad dialog and acting they didn't even feel like real people.So there were some major faults in this film, but so many wonderful parts and subtle comedic moments.

Reggie R (au) wrote: Classic Gangster Flick right 10/10

Jacob D (ag) wrote: Up there in the Coen brothers best with great performances and a gripping story, what is there not to like.

William W (mx) wrote: Really solid sophomore effort by Linklater.Loved his Hitchcock homage, especially.

Steve P (au) wrote: must I say anything?

Erik D (gb) wrote: Being an assassin has a strange amount of job security. You have the job for life, so just make sure no one kills you. If you're In Bruges, then the boredom alone might get you. While I think it would be a beautiful city to explore, Colin Farrell disagrees. He has to wait there with fellow assassin Brendan Gleesan and he'd much rather be anywhere else. Colin will soon discover that he's about to become a notable member of the community, but not for a reason that he wants. Not at all...Before watching this film, I was told it would be a comedy. There were certainly many humorous scenes but this was all about the story. Whether our cast was exploring, contemplating the life of their favorite midget, going on a date or "doing a job," there was always some notable event to speak of. There was never a dull moment as when we weren't laughing, we were either on the edge of our seat or sitting in disbelief. The plot of In Bruges was very old fashioned in some ways which will make it refreshing for a modern audience. They really don't make movies like this anymore.Was In Bruges everything I wanted it to be? No, but that's actually not a bad thing. In many ways it exceeded my expectations and not just those that I had before the movie started. My first expectations after the opening few scenes were that In Bruges would stick with a cliche irritating odd-couple vibe. I was so wrong and I'm very glad that I was. In Bruges did have a few flaws with some characters and their choices but nothing I can get into in this sort of review. This film had been recommended to me for some time and I'm glad I finally took the plunge. If you're in the mood for comedy, action or a great story, In Bruges will keep you entertained.

Maxx D (it) wrote: A good performance by Costner ruined by some sloppy writing and a couple of hugley out of place scenes. Could have been much better with a few tweaks and snappier direction, a shame as it had great promise.

Conrad T (us) wrote: Some scenes are bloody bloody. Frightening purposes achieved.