A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother, who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.

Based on the same - name novel by writer Stephen King, the film revolves around little girls have the ability to move objects but was abused by her mother. At school, she was also abused and kept way from by her friends. What can she do to escape out of that situation? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes I (gb) wrote: Very impressed with Jarmusch's most recent feature film.Lots of familiar faces in eclectic roles as usual, Adam Driver is the epicenter of a filmed week-in-the-life of during which he interacts casually, awkwardly, and quietly graceful with a plethora of interesting characters. "Paterson," born and living in the city of which gives him his name, is a man of simple pleasures (a conscientious bus driver) who scribbles his thoughts into poetry and lives a life of quiet order. An ex-Marine (judging by a photo of his younger self) he lives with his lovely, capricious wife (she bakes, paints, has dreams of doing this and that seemingly on whim) whom he lovingly dotes on, and an English bulldog he takes for nightly walks...always stopping at the same bar for a single beer, and conversation with whomever approaches.That's it...the down and dirty. Jarmusch lets us into this "simple" man's life for one "eventful" week, revealing much about the city, it's inhabitants, and Paterson just by observing him walk, drive, or speak to random strangers (all of whom take to Paterson's natural politeness as he is by their creativity.)Dreams, not-so-coincidental coincidences, food, homemade artwork dominate the proceedings (but do not call undue attention to themselves.) Twins play fascinating roles, as well. And above all, poetry (one of my favorite poems is read aloud by the lead; that was a righteous moment.) The phrase "tone poem" is bandied about a lot these days, but it seems an apt description of how this film unfolds. Impatient viewers will whine "Nothing happens, here!" On the contrary, much like someone looking over a seemingly empty prairie, but understanding the life teeming w/in it's vastness."Paterson" is a quiet marvel. And not w/o surprises that give the viewer pause as to how things will play out. Worth the wait to finally sit down and see.

Stephen Y (gb) wrote: Another signature Wes Anderson piece. Intense internal emotions were elicited without the audience even noticing as the hard-to-swallow topics tackled in the movie were perfectly disguised under the curious and delightful delivery. A wonderful watch whether you want a laugh or want to think for days

Jennifer L (us) wrote: ...well, at least Mikey liked it!

Frank P (au) wrote: A gang is usually a word that has some very negative connotations but a gang can be a positive thing in that it becomes a family and friendships that a person never had. Most of the time it is used for negative reasons but it can be used to help people go thru some really heavy circumstances in their life. This is the story of a gang of brothers and friends that helped each other get thru heavy stuff and had the waves to always keep them company...true, their are the fights, the knives, the occasional gun shots but all in all it's really just about family...a family that will always have each others backs no matter what happens. Oh, and their is awesome surf footage in this movie, too!!!

Judy N (it) wrote: I liked it! Thought it was good!

Aron R (br) wrote: I remember three things that happen. I believe there were like seven though.

Chris D (fr) wrote: Sorry I tried to like the movie I really did but I don't know if there is anyone able to handle it it was so stupid I walked away in,30: minutes and felt like I had been robbed by the movie industry

Jay B (mx) wrote: Quite predictable and not that enthralling. When A Stranger Calls suffers from cheap scares, slow pacing, uninteresting acting & poor storytelling.

Bill T (br) wrote: Very fun Chan actionner here. The pursuit of an escaped killer leads of course to a wax museum.. but it's really a front for a face changing doctor who works with criminals! Chan and number one son knows something is up and there's the usual motley of people dropping clues. Fun because of the setting.

Christopher S (au) wrote: Pretty good film but not as good as it could have been. Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes pulled off being good boxers in the film and that carried it. Other than that, Peter Falk's character was confusing and the story was not that good. Compared to his other works, this was by far one of the lesser films that Walter Hill directed. The soundtrack was not that good either; whatever film Master P is in, it is probably not going to be good.