The omnipotent presence of a mothballed aircraft carrier, long forgotten since it's heyday of recovering Apollo moon missions, begins to make itself know to three generations of residents ...

The omnipotent presence of a mothballed aircraft carrier, long forgotten since it's heyday of recovering Apollo moon missions, begins to make itself know to three generations of residents ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Preston M (us) wrote: That is the last time i listen to my brother for movie advice

Rachael D (au) wrote: just as cute as the first one! so adorable

Jatinder S (ru) wrote: I remember watched, This great movie!

Wayne K (ag) wrote: This movie begins, like so many others that want to be taken seriously, with a morbid quote about life. What follows is a tedious, hollow exercise in meaningless self-indulgence. Evidently the director wants to say something profound about life and death, but all that's really said about the latter is that it's miserable and unpleasant, which isn't exactly a revelation. As for the former, that appears to be just as grim. I'll admit that being dialogue-free with the visuals telling the entire story could make for an interesting film. That is if the visuals themselves were impressive enough to depict the events. But here they're so ugly and poorly constructed that at times it's impossible to see anything at all, literal or metaphorical. The edges are unclear and the pictures so blurry and indistinct that whatever is on screen is usually indecipherable. Most of the movie is concerned with what looks like a naked smallpox victim convulsing on the ground while being dragged around by some kind of tribe or cult who have a disturbing genital fixation. The rest of it is the cult members poking said victim lightly with sticks. It may only last 72 minutes, but it's still one of the most boring, unnecessarily drawn-out films I've ever sat through. It's a slow, pointless, badly directed, glacially paced experiment in sheer nothingness.

Blais E (ca) wrote: Majorly- eerie creepfest, an effective and welcomed departure from the myriad number of Slasher-Basher crud that choked 80's theater screens. Featuring a crew of lowlife thieves on the run after making off with 3 million bucks from Camp Pendleton, who then get the dopey brainstorm of taking refuge in a run-down abandoned farmhouse in the middle of a delapidated boneyard poulated by malevolent and murderous scarecrows. While the acting is acceptable by the cast of unknowns, the flick moves at a fast clip, there are some startlingly frightening visuals, and the sardonic strawmen are truly the stuff of nightmares. Low on gore, with a modicum of character exposition as a substitute. A cut above the plethora of 1980's horror dreck.

CJ A (de) wrote: In this weird autobiographical romp, Frank Ripploh portrays himself as a kindergarten teacher by day, glory hole sex fiend by night, compelling human being 24/7. Bonus: there's a scene that includes a non-faked golden shower. So... What are you waiting for?

Caleb C (it) wrote: The best of the 3 survival films. It starts out like any typical kind of movie like this would be with characters that seem to have the IQ of a 14 year old, but are actually adults. After about the first 15 minutes here, the film becomes more of a reality, and one of the most intese films I've seen on the survival subject. The acting and direction of this piece of work gets better as it goes. Seek this one out at all costs.

Martin T (it) wrote: A decidedly mixed bag. Amnesia is the hackiest of hack premises, but since this is one of the first films to really deal with it, it gets a pass. Some of the dialogue is really good, but a lot of it is absolutely terrible. For his first directorial effort, Mankiewicz does an okay job, but doesn't bring much pizzazz to it. Where we really have problems, however, is the acting. John Hodiak is decent in the lead, but Nancy Guild is a poor man's Lauren Bacall... a VERY poor man's. Her first acting role, with no training, and it shows. She's terrible. Pretty face, lousy actress. Fortunately the film is salvaged by a number of great character actors who bring some spark to the smaller roles. And the plot, although convoluted, is a good deal of fun and trucks along nicely. Think Angel Heart but not so serious (and without the voodoo and stuff).

Veniea T (es) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Greg W (ca) wrote: I really liked this heist/caper movie with some good action thrown in.

Emily S (jp) wrote: Instagram for non-readers and coffeehouse moles.

Jared T (kr) wrote: Great film is lead by Cagney's career role.