Carry on Columbus

Carry on Columbus

Christopher Columbus believes he can find an alternative route to the far East and persuades the King and Queen of Spain to finance his expedition...

Christopher Columbus believes he can find an alternative route to the far East and persuades the King and Queen of Spain to finance his expedition. But the Sultan of Turkey, who makes a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron S (fr) wrote: As a fellow Yu Gi-Oh player, thhe movie for me was a mixed bag, the beginning was a good idea for those who haven't seen the previous Yugioh series even though if the film missed out afew things that 4Kids missed out from the original TV Tokyo series such as Yugi's duel against Atem and their final goodbyes, Judai(Jaden)'s final year and what happens after Yusei's duel against Goodwin.The duels or big duel since Judai's duel was more or less trying to survie and Yusei duel was almost over, the LP (life points) and stat counters should have been specific to the respectible protaganist , the duel should have also be abit longer and show more the characters monsters as the film felt more like a hour long special.The film did have some good points about it, the voices for Dark Magican fit well as well as Dark Magician Girl, see some of the old characters such as Pegasus and Yugi's Grandfather, also it was nice to see that Dan Green was able to play his respectible role as The King Of Games himself and his famous catchphraseAll in all, the film is ok for those who have not been fans of Yu Gi-Oh for long but for those who have been fans of the show since the start it's a good Nostalgia trip.

Hannason L (ru) wrote: My kind of movie. I don't care if its a "chick flick" or not. It was very artsy and well done, reminded me a lot of garden state but still brought something new to the table. Zoey Deschanel is a great actress. Great acting in general. Definitely a must-see.

Mary Beth W (mx) wrote: The key line of the book, when Bilbo uses the ring to get pass the drawves, and establishes himself as a legitimate thief IS Re-Written !!! Tolkien doesn't need a re-write

Niklas J (it) wrote: Beautiful pictures but nothing beyond that. Should not be seen by anyone beside directors who need to know hot NOT to do it.

Tyrone B (us) wrote: You must be open-minded about this movie because it challenges your preconceptions on how a movie should look but you can't allow that to interfere with your judgement. Please make an effort to overlook the structuring or lack of props, and allow the story to capture your imagination. Manderlay is rich with soulful human behavior and a provocative perspective on the American society.

Li M (nl) wrote: how can you not love it? my first introduction wayne wang. i adore his films.

Shawn W (mx) wrote: A pair of couples travelling in a state-of-the-art RV have the misfortune of stopping for the night just across the river from a satanic cult's sacrifice ritual in Texas. Heart pounding action.

Lim m (it) wrote: cute panda.. who stay wth the girl. i like this when i was little.

Angela P (gb) wrote: Do yourself a favor and don't watch the trailer before actually watching the movie, it gives away a lot of important stuff. Overall, it's a pretty good post-Baby Jane movie. Bette got a little campy at times, but I don't care, I love campy Bette.

Marine M (br) wrote: Obviously not the best Cukor's film (Adam's Rib is much better). However, Katharine Hepburn's epitomization of feminism remains interesting.

Malachi S (ca) wrote: Alright movie, wouldn't watch it again.

Jason T (fr) wrote: It's a fun little crime drama but the movie falls apart last 20 minutes. I enjoyed the performances and story loses its focus towards the end.

Rangan R (us) wrote: When one's professional ethics were tested.The idea for a film seems good, but it did not work out for this film. The screenplay lacks some good scenes. The suspense was weaker and so the action sequences. Though the film had good actors in the lead and visually looked fine, like the locations. Most of the story was set in a single location, except the opening sequence. Almost a minimal cast film. So it had all the qualities to succeed if the plot was developed smartly.The story of a CIA's field agent who has been assigned to one of their remote stations in England after he had failed to obey the order from his fellow senior officer. A code operator Katherine, whom he has to protect find himself in a tight position when their building was breached. Once again, his professional ethics are tested, but how he deals the situation is what covered in the remaining parts.Its most certain that John Cusack days are over in the entertainment industry, just like Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. But it's good to see them at least in small flicks like this. So I did not expect much from it, hence not got disappointed. But I thought it should have been better in a few areas, because I've seen lots of good B movies these days. One time watchable film, but looks like it is a simplified version of 'Wanted'.5/10

Keldon M (ru) wrote: "...take off you hoser!"

Shawn W (ca) wrote: Late release from the famed Golan-Globus production team about a magazine writer who fabricates a story on a New York pimp that gets widespread attention but lands him in hot water when the district attorney feels he based the story a person facing involuntary manslaughter charges. No secret here, but Golan-Globus was always at its best making action films but this is a pretty good one too. Started off slow and I was about to write it off half way through but the second half got good and Freeman is especially strong. I always have trouble seeing Reeve as someone other than his Clark Kent role when I watch him.