Carry on Cowboy

Carry on Cowboy

Stodge City is in the control of the Rumpo and his gang so the citizen gets many difficulty to live there. Marshal P. Knutt is a " sanitary engineer" is eager to change terrible condition. Who he must face in that dangerous battle? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garry A (us) wrote: Cracking Irish horror. No idea why it has such a low score on Netflix and IMDB as I really enjoyed it. Best horror flick ending since The Mist too.

Jacob B (nl) wrote: It may not measure up to Disney's better films but Treasure Planet benefits from a stunning combination of 2D hand-drawn characters and 3D computer-animation, fine vocal performances from the likes of Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Emma Thompson, David Hyde Pierce, Martin Short and the rest as well as epic action sequences offering viewers a fun sci-fi take on Robert Louis Stevenson's beloved story.

David O (fr) wrote: Budget to the core and lovin it

Joy E (de) wrote: Beautiful film, intense story, quite brutal being a reall story, but the times were indeed very harsh on those matters

Jerry F (it) wrote: When I watched this at the Cinema in the 80's the effects seemed good, but now they are 'dated'...but it still stirs the question of 'living forever'..enjoyed the second time around, 26 years later...

Danny R (fr) wrote: A controversial and powerful drama starring Paul Newman in a performance that is nothing short of brilliant, he plays a tough, tired veteran Police Officer on the beat in the squalid, largely devastated wasteland of the South Bronx of New York City in the early 1980s, where murder, drugs, prostitution, riots, corruption and indifference are part of every day life. Superb supporting performances by Ed Asner, Ken Wahl, Rachel Ticotin, Danny Aiello, and Pam Grier. A unforgettable look at the demoralization of the lower classes in a hellish urban territory. Highly Recommended.

James D (mx) wrote: It was a good movie!!!

Della E (jp) wrote: Steven Soderbergh's body of work is varied and always, ALWAYS worth watching. This is one of my favourite movies of all time - if you didn't like it, you just didn't get it!

Andrew M (br) wrote: An absolutely dread-filled psychological drama that tackles heavy themes of mental illness with subdued prowess, relying on just the talents of its cast and writer/director rather than bludgeoning special effects. Michael Shannon gives what might be his finest performance to date: his explosive scenes are obviously intense, but it's his softer, quieter moments that truly sell his take on the troubled character of Nichols' film.

Joshua S (nl) wrote: Interesting part of history but this movie was horrid. Poor acting, poor music choices, cheesy battle scenes, and very limited information on the actual windtalkers. could have been a good but feel short.

David F (nl) wrote: While the music's great in the way that 80s music was, some of the plotting and the drawn out nature of the film leave something to be desired. If you're watching it for Prince and his music, fashion, and attitude, you won't be disappointed.