Carry on England

Carry on England

Captain S. Melly takes over as the new Commanding Officer at an experimental mixed sex air defence base. It's 1940 and England is under heavy bombardment, but the crew seem more interested in each other than the enemy planes above. Captain Melly plans to put a stop to all this, and becomes the target of a campaign to abandon his separatist ideals...

Captain S. Melly takes over as the new Commanding Officer at an experimental mixed sex air defence base. It's 1940 and England is under heavy bombardment, but the crew seem more interested ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark S (br) wrote: Too slow a burn and flat characterisation failed to hold the attention for very the early realisation that there's not a lot on offer here saved me from the purgatory of seeing it through.

Barry T (it) wrote: A much film than i expected. Tyler Perry was an odd choice as lead but Burns and Fox were on fire. Its a bit over the top but watchable

Mike M (ca) wrote: An extended episode of France's Nicest Home Videos. The Gondrys are not the Friedmans, say, and their regrets are all out in the open, so the director doesn't have to probe too critically... It's pleasant enough viewing, while never quite throwing off the feel of a behind-the-scenes DVD feature: an excuse for a Gondry family knees-up, or a pilot for a Gallic spin-off of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Joshua P (ru) wrote: Anyone that says this movie is good is a fucking dumb shit

Hannah C (gb) wrote: How could anyone hate this film? Everything about it was fantastic. Definitely one of my favorites.

Le BiG GuiShe F (gb) wrote: Nomas xq la vi de paso!! hehehe

Thomas J (au) wrote: This is my New Years movie! Like folks watch A Christmas Story or The Grinch for Christmas.... this is New Years for me!

Keith P (us) wrote: As crappy as this Eddie Murphy movie is, it preceded the "The Nutty Professor" & "Shrek." So Eddie cinema wasn't consistently treacherous when this film was in theaters.

Ryan V (ag) wrote: A nice blend of creepiness and comedy makes this a very fun little movie.

Eric F (ca) wrote: "Peppermint Frapp" is Spanish director Carlos Saura's homage to Luis Bunuel. The film, currently unavailable on DVD in the United States, was recently shown on IFC preceded by the Janus films logo. A Criterion Collection copy of the movie will hopefully be soon to follow, as this is a criminally unseen film worthy of attention. The film revolves around Julian (Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez), a middle-aged conservative physician living in the country in Spain. At his home, where he runs a radiology clinic, he is assisted by a shy nurse, Ana (Geraldine Chaplin). One day, he visits Pablo (Alfredo Mayo), a childhood friend, who has recently married the beautiful Elena (also Geraldine Chaplin). Julian is instantly taken by Elena, not only for her beauty, but because he is convinced that he saw her playing a drum at a Good Friday ceremony years ago and has loved her ever since.Julian desperately pursues Elena to no avail. Finally, he is driven mad enough to poison the drinks of both Elena and Pablo. Ana, whom he had overlooked as a spitting image of Elena, transforms herself into Julian's ideal lover after their murders, making the final act feel like a Bunuel take on "Vertigo". One of the final images, of Ana beating the drum from Julian's fantasy with her Elena make-over, is incredibly haunting if a bit cheesy.Although on the surface the film is simply about sexual obsession and jealousy, the setting of Franco-era Spain is crucial to it's analysis. Julian's character is representative of the time. He is fascinated by Elena, her free-spirit so foreign to his unexposed self. It frustrates him. Julian's repression, or, as we can perceive it, the nationalist regime's, is what finally leads him to such extraordinary violence.While Julian initially seems like a romantic, we begin to learn that he only fetishizes what is contemporarily perceived as glamorous. While Julian skims through magazines, Saura makes an effort to only focus on details - eyes, lips, legs. When Elena isn't around, Julian snoops through the beauty accessories in her purse, and even requests that Ana tries on some eyelashes. This illuminates why Saura casted Geraldine Chaplin in a dual role, and explains the fact that Julian never notices their striking similarities until Ana's makeover."Peppermint Frappe" is a bit of a minor masterpiece - it doesn't all quite work, but it's nevertheless extraordinarily involving. Hopefully it won't be long before a much bigger audience becomes exposed to a film so rich with detail and complexity.

Colin S (ru) wrote: good movie with real acting esp. Bernard Miles and John Mills

Justin T (it) wrote: A lot of flaws but entertaining in a dumb kind of way.

Amanda K (ru) wrote: Humorous and true to life, sweet and heartbreaking.

Andreus D (mx) wrote: This film would've been better if not for the unnecessary changes from the book (including watering down the book's original message and, infamously, giving the Once-ler a face). I've never read the book myself, but after discovering people's opinions on this film involving the book and watching the film, I agree with the fans.