Carry on in the Legion

Carry on in the Legion

A bogus legionnaire proves his mettle during an Arab attack.

A bogus legionaire proves his mettle during an arab attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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blake d (ru) wrote: Going Down in La-La Land is a charming gay romance flick that dips its toe in the waters of cliche without reeking of it. The story is that of Adam, a very sexy young gay man who has moved to LA from New York City. He moves in with his best friend Candy and begins to pursue a day job and an acting career. He quickly finds the acting world not very permitting, and the job world not much better. He eventually lands an atrocious job, which he promptly quits, before being hit on by a member of his gym who offers him a job opportunity. The job is an office manager position - for a gay porn company.His friend who introduced him to the job, Nick, is one of the photographers for the company, and Adam and Nick take a liking to one another, eventually beginning a relationship. The porn company's owner and Nick urge Adam to do porn himself, and a string of expensive parking tickets forces Adam's hand. He does a photo shoot, then a film, and then agrees to let the porn company owner pimp him out to closeted celebrities in order to earn the big bucks. One of these celebrities is the very closeted star of a family-oriented sitcom beloved across America, and he and Adam hit it off. About this time, Nick's drug problem comes to light, dissolving his relationship with Adam. Adam pursues a relationship with sitcom star John, but when someone outs John, their relationship finds itself on the rocks as their lives crumble around them.As I said, Going Down has some cliches, many of the romcom variety, as well as a few familiar beats from other gay films. However, Going Down is ably acted, with Ludwinski's Adam only missing a few moments here and there, and Medico's John being particularly charming. The main character is likable, the plot flows relatively smoothly and logistically from one moment to the next, and the overall story is worth watching, if not appealing to all audiences. The film is a lot less about sex than its "young actor tempted to the porn industry" premise would suggest, and that's not a bad thing, if not a little disappointing. However, there's plenty of moments of eye candy for the gay men and straight women in the audience, and the larger story of the struggle for success and love versus public image is more than enough to reward someone looking for a good film to watch. Despite a clunky name and a premise that doesn't promise much but hot sex scenes, Going Down In La-La Land manages to present a big-hearted story and to put a smile on your face.

Shannon B (jp) wrote: Man this movie looked like it was going to be funny from the descriptions but it was not really mildly entertaining. It ended nice...John Heder was the highlight as a neurotic 2000's hippie. I say don't even get it on netflix. Boring.

Dann M (gb) wrote: In its fourth installment, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, the series falls back into cheesy, B-movie territory. Based on one of the better Crow novels, the story follows a satanic group that's on a killing spree and the Crow, who resurrects an avenger to stop them. The casting is rather poor, and includes Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz and Tara Reid; none of whom give much of a performance. However, the Crow depiction is rather interesting; as he's a reluctant and conflicted avenger with a dark past. But the material is dragged down by the poor filmmaking. The Crow: Wicked Prayer is a messy and bizarre film that's not very engaging.

MF J (kr) wrote: British comedy is always interesting to watch. this one is witty, fun & played by a bunch of talented ladies having a ball.

SARAH M (ca) wrote: like father like daughter..

Daniel M (au) wrote: Fly Away Home is a sweetly-centered drama that stays memorable once you watch it.

Nick R (de) wrote: as far fetched as a trip to the sun. entertaining, frightening, down right scary

PURPLE J (jp) wrote: this movie is so good. I just bought the dvd. horror movie fan was here

Blake B (es) wrote: Ricki and the Flash is somewhat predictable, but the film is filled with so much heart, laughs, and beautiful on screen chemistry between Streep and Gummer, it quickly wins you over with so much ease. Speaking of Mamie Gummer, she steals the show with a heartbreakingly, wonderful performance. Not to mention the film is also smartly written, by the always eloquent Diablo Cody.

Chris J (fr) wrote: Cranston is as Cranston does. Triumphant in his portrayal.