Carry on Jack

Carry on Jack

The film is directed by Gerald Thomas. It tells an adventure of Albert Poop-Decker joining frigate Venus. He expericences the ups and downs which make him get many meaning lessons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Carry on Jack torrent reviews

Brian B (jp) wrote: This movie i love it

Novrea H (us) wrote: best Bollywood movie I've ever watched

addiena i (mx) wrote: Great ideas for horror. Watchable if yer sick and tired of Saw franchise. As a horror fan, am pretty much entertained.

Bill v (jp) wrote: Sorry. No full review this time. This is a well done, police noir film. Pacing was good but some shots were a little long. Good character development. Held my interest from beginning to end and it captures the tedium and frequent disappointment of criminal investigation and police work.

Daniel H (jp) wrote: Young children are going to enjoy this. The visuals here definitely look convincing. Dan Castellaneta does a hilarious voice job here as the Mailman.

Stefanus Andi G (es) wrote: Space. The final frontier. Well, in this flick you won't see the space scene until the very end. It's about a struggle to harness dream, when the social convention state your future upon your gene. Hence it's near impossible, 1% chance, for a child to be an astronaut when his heart gene won't allow him to. Is it wrong to conceive another identity to surpass the gene wall for a de-gene-rate, a God child to seize his long hope?Tracks embedded convey superfluously being an up-beat sci-fi toward thriller kind. None too flashy yet fills inherently.Life is God gift lest the greatest one, therefore genetic engineering towards mankind shan't maketh human God, for humanity is tainted whether our faith for creation is misled for procreation. That would not make a man overcome himself, rather finding escapes from within self.

Tim M (us) wrote: Nicholson's character study of a very frustrated, cynical, and alienated man functions as a wonderful early 1970's period piece.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: An unusual Grant film, as he plays an unorthodox doctor (one who cares about his patients with a capital "C"), filled less with comedy than with preaching. And talk about implausible, the work is ripe with unbelievable actions, unbelievable motivations, unbelievable conclusions. In point of fact only the presence of Grant allows this tripe any hearing time at all. And the film is well aware of that fact.

Marko Z (br) wrote: Quite possibly the biggest disgrace in cinema that made me lose my faith in humanity.

Kevin L (ag) wrote: Stylish on its scares, with great production design and Cusack's phenomenal performance, 1408 is underrated modern horror

Adam R (mx) wrote: An iconic eighties classic that is both funny and scary. It's a one-of-a-kind original film. (First viewing - Late childhood)

Ben V (fr) wrote: Not often that I fall asleep to a movie with John Cusack in it.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Java Heat is a disappointing film. It is about a Muslim detective who teams with an American posing as a graduate student to find the man behind a series of deadly terrorist bombings in Indonesia. Kellen Lutz and Mickey Rourke give terrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Conor Allyn did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.