Carta al cielo

Carta al cielo


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Eva P (nl) wrote: My favorite romantic film by far as well as emotional, nobody could portray the emotion or the love as well as Adle.

Roen L (it) wrote: I know it's irrational, this movie is too kitchy, trashy, nerdy and with a lesbian subtext, but I saw it like 100 times and so he deserve all the stars I can give to it. 100% personal opinion.

James H (br) wrote: Very routine, not very original. Trite writing, fair acting. Cliche's abound. Nothing special here at all. Just another unmemorable romantic comedy.

Ilja S (jp) wrote: Personally, I like this movie better than the first one. The simple reason is that Chan and Tucker going into the movie are already well established buddy cops, and they throw you right in. The story itself is not as good as in the first installment, but seriously, who cares about the plot in a Chan movie?

Zoran S (mx) wrote: Perfect like most Bresson

Philip T (kr) wrote: Sux that this was Dreyer's swan song. The play is dull, dated, and laughably earnest in its anti-sentimentalism. Lighting, as always, is amazing. But not enough to keep me from making to-do lists in my head while the wrought lovers chattered endlessly.

Dan M (es) wrote: It's a musical/love story(heavy on the musical, not much of a love story really) that doesn't really have much to do with Las Vegas other than it just happens to be the setting. The two main characters are essentially unlikeable. Elvis plays a selfish character who sometimes acts like he geniunely wants Ann-Margret's character(and va-va-va VOOM is she smokin!) and other times he's only interested about winning a singing competition or getting his car fixed for the race. Plus he's a bit of a dick too. The race scene at the end made up for all the singing as it was pretty damn awesome. The ending was tacked on as hell though, seriously WTF? All in all, meh.. average score at best.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Simple, sweet, elegant, and beautiful. This is one of the most hilarious and beautiful romances in movie history.

Bruce W (kr) wrote: Fond memories from my youth. It`s been ages !! One of those flicks I`d snap up in a heartbeat should I see it on DVD.

Karsh D (es) wrote: very good film. a young TV journalist gets a job covering the Afghan war.