Cartas a Elena

Cartas a Elena

In the beautiful hills of the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico, a young boy (Emilio) is adopted by the mailman (Teo). As part of their daily tasks, they not only deliver the mail but read...

In the beautiful hills of the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico, a young boy (Emilio) is adopted by the mailman (Teo). As part of their daily tasks, they not only deliver the mail but read... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill B (es) wrote: Amazingly fun film looking at the low budget Exploitation cinema that proliferated when production companies headed to the Philippines. Features a lot of fun clips and interviews with the people who survived the experience, and is a helluva lot of fun for anyone looking to increase the list of film that they need to track down.Highly recommended.

hanna l (nl) wrote: scary, makes you jump x)

Shuang H (ag) wrote: it's easy to guess the end at the beginning, and lots of clues point out the destiny of the roles. but, it still made me cried.

Emily F (fr) wrote: I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. You will need a big box of kleenex for this one!

Christoph R (br) wrote: This is history told as it should. Direct without blinders. There's not a single character that makes for a hero, or even a good guy in a hollywood flik. But nevertheless I couldn't help but sympathies with them. A blast.

Jason M (ag) wrote: One of the top 5 worst movies of '99.

Daniel W (ag) wrote: What a great movie. I just love it. It has the fat guy who works at the Subway in the King of Queens. The action, the comedy, it's a really fun movie. I don't know why it only scored 12%. They really, really should have made a sequel. Bruce Dern (typically plays evil guys), playing Admiral Graham and Rob Schneider play Marty Pascal really creates the clashing-synergy that makes this movie great.

Jacob T (jp) wrote: This is the 21st Godzilla movie. It is also the 8th Mothra movie. Most of the Godzilla movie made before it are better. Most of the Mothra movie made before it are better. The 19th Godzilla movie is also the 7th Mothra movie. It is called Godzilla and Mothra and the battle for the earth. This one is better. Godzilla vs Gigan is better then this movie. That is the 12th Godzilla movie. It is also the 6th Mothra movie. This is a great film. See all the Mothra movies. They are great movies.

Mike J (fr) wrote: Always loved this movie...

Victor M (gb) wrote: A noir film that becomes a thriller with a relation of hate sympathy between a whore and her driver an ex convict.

Tania C (us) wrote: Saw this series on TV - creeped me out - watched them with my mom lol - still creeped me out - it was good

Lucas P (kr) wrote: The reason it didn't receive sufficiently good reviews probably is due to the fact that everyone was scared to death to say anything good about the movie that Woody had parodied before.

berta a (jp) wrote: an explicit drama about a young man.

Javier F (gb) wrote: Pelcula entretenida a la par que amarga, que adems funciona a la perfeccin como una simptica stira al pueblo espaol y al americano, ni corta ni perezosa.Nota: 8.1/10

Hans M (es) wrote: Stylish and confusing somewhat , yet intriging , beautiful score by Ennio Moriccone , and Wild Zooms by cult Director Umberto Lenzi .

Christopher B (jp) wrote: Typical JvD vehicle - with Woo at the wheel.