Rossellini's interpretation of Descartes' life.

Rossellini's interpretation of Descartes' life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cartesius torrent reviews

Tony F (us) wrote: Not as good as the first. Some good action scenes. Sound quality was horrible.

Jayson L (fr) wrote: Its a Chinese rocky 4!

Emily D (kr) wrote: Last night I had the joy of watching this amazing movie on sky premiere...if you can not tell i am being sarcastic . This film may be the worst utterly time wasting, utterly boring, mind numbing film I have ever scene. I honestly didn't understand if this was a comedy, and if someone could please clarify that I would be much pleased.

Ken S (gb) wrote: David Cronenberg weaves this tale of the Russian mob and a nurse who becomes slightly entwined with them when she attempts to discover the identity and family of a young 14 year old girl who died giving birth, in order to find a proper home for the child. This leads us to the story of the Driver of this mob, Nicolai Luzhin, and his attempt to rise in the ranks there. It is a great story well weaved, and features one of the best action fight scenes I have ever seen (with Viggo Mortensen entirely nude in a bath house for the entirety of it). It is a fine picture, with a great cast and a good story.

WS W (fr) wrote: Beautiful but rather slow.

Michelle R (jp) wrote: A movie that teaches you acceptance!

bill s (ca) wrote: No one comes off looking good in this dud.

Han S (ag) wrote: Not bad for a mid-80ies comedy, and certainly a great vehicle for DeVito. He has nice chemistry with Piscopo, who I think is always a bit bland, but here the Goofy role suits him well. What I really didn't like was the supporting cast, I mean the Atlantic city family, that granny character, seriously?? Or the former wrestler-gone-acteur, the Fixer, shouting/ growling his lines more than he rolls his eyes or looks for clues off-camera when he has to make his next impression of an angry were-bear-pig. I honestly can stand the other nondescript mobsters better. And thanks Dan Hedaya, once again. The world of gangster flicks would be so much greyer without you.

Artur B (kr) wrote: This movie is the most bored movie that I ever seen in my whole life. This film is not "deeply" or "phylosophical" as many people said...If the Tarkovskys go was to show the tedium of medieval age, he got it, seriously. The only thing that is deeply, really, is the tedium and the agony to watch. Tarkovski is well succeed in create a darkest, sad and depressive atmosphere in your film. And thats it...Just it. This film have a anti-catharsis effect. The film is so bored, that we prefer our daily lifes than the film. Usually, the effect is the opposite: the world of film is better than your daily lifes, and we feel sad when you perceive that the film is over, and we must return to your bored and miserable life again. The Tarkovskys film, however, make us feel that our daily life is more fun and interesting than his film, and this is great, if you think well...

Finbarr K (nl) wrote: A bloody good film, even if you don't like Elvis. But then if you don't, you've got shit taste anyway, so piss off.

Brian B (nl) wrote: This is one of those movies that looks like it could've been shot by someone from your own hometown with their own money as a budget. A non-scary vampire film.