Cartouches gauloises

Cartouches gauloises

A pair of childhood friends spend a spring together before the summer Algeria's war of Independence.

A pair of childhood friends spend a spring together before the summer Algeria's war of Independence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jos D (it) wrote: Bill and I saw the first 30-45 minutes of this piece of trash. Let me save you the price of admission: This film is horrible. There is nothing about it that is funny. What a waste of talent. The people at Reel Pride will have a tough time selling this film that is clearly offensive to Fresno while opening the FRESNO Reel Pride festival.

Stacey O (nl) wrote: Bleak! Some standout performances. But ultimately drowns in its own depression.

Becky B (ru) wrote: .............................................................................................................................................................................Bleh? Too amazing for words? yes i think so.

M C (nl) wrote: A joyless horror flick that drops the satire and fun gore of the first one and replaces it with overly vicious violence. Starship Troopers 2 looks and feels cheap. 26/100

Marisa R (kr) wrote: This was barely ok. I wouldn't pay much for watching it though, as it reviews rather common themes in Indian films; glorified cops and the Hindu-Muslim interaction. Besides, the music was not appealing at all, and the story left too many unanswered questions and incomplete ramification stories leaving the audience wondering what's is the background or what is going on. I felt the acting was respectable from the older actors Amitabh and Om Puri, but the rest were bad! such terrible tragedies and... 'like nothing' not well-developed characters and bad but pretty looking actors. Some images were pretty I have to admit, but the glorification of that one good cop and the constant perfect character Amitabh plays in so many movies got too old.

Aaron S (kr) wrote: I'm just crazy about Sci-fi and Vin D. is great.

Gavin K (ca) wrote: Crappy and unfunny. Almost the worst movie ever.

Richard D (br) wrote: It seems fairly common to dump on this movie nowadays, but it's a nice, if unremarkable film. Everything about it screams "nice and extremely competent". It's true that it's unfair that it was awarded a Best Picture Oscar, but if the Oscars are about anything, they are about unfairly awarding mediocrity. Frankly, none of the competing Best Picture nominees fill me with excitement either.

Kip B (au) wrote: Does this take place in texas?? Is this a clever way to get around waiting periods?? These and other questions are not worth watching the movie to find out.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Cozy `B' Gothic gets touch of class from cinematographer John Alton--Off-beat, satisfying B thriller!!

Tin N (ca) wrote: It's true that this movie is sorta one of its kind. The ultimate plot twist at the end was a highlight. For a "thriller", though, it was not as much thrilling - when you can predict 60% of the story 30 minutes into the film.

Tim R (nl) wrote: Who writes this teeny bopper crap nowadays?? Shows like this are incredibly boring and make no sense. This movie is as stupid as Girl Meets World which isn't even COHERENT, much less WATCHABLE. It's basically a modern day Breakfast Club in a way but doesn't even have anything to say. There's no point to this movie. Audiences are getting to the point where they want to ACTUALLY WATCH REALITY TV. They, I guess, are tired of watching scripted "reality" TV and are ok watching TV and movies that really do just follow people around without actually telling much of a story.*spoiler* Like in the movie Catfish, the guy doesn't get the girl. He just goes on a wild goose chase to find out the girl never liked him in the first place.