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Casatorie cu repetitie


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Giovanni M (de) wrote: Dependent on potty humor, overused innuendo, and unfunny gags, A Haunted House isn't the worst spoof movie out there but it still scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

Nollaig K (jp) wrote: totally amazing full of twists and turns, great story and acting from everyone a must see

Dann M (ru) wrote: A unique British/American comedy, Flushed Away is a wacky adventure that's full of laughs. When a posh, upper class pet mouse from Kensington gets flushed down the toilet he discovers an underground world in the sewers. Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Bill Nighy, and Jean Reno lead the cast and give fairly good performances. And the character and set designs are rather imaginative, particularly in how it repurposes mundane objects to create the sewer city. But the writing is a little weak, as the characters and story aren't very engaging. Part of the problem is the overly slapstickish tone, which clashes with the danger and peril in the plot. Yet despite a few bumps, Flushed Away is a fun ride.

Kyle W (kr) wrote: best movie of all time

Lee M (es) wrote: Despite all its short-comings, Roeg never lets things get dull--his camera sees to that. Strange and mesmerizing visuals hold the attention, even when the plot does not.

Mr Andrew Sly k (de) wrote: I will be like u My King!

Jeff D (br) wrote: It's debatable if Bob le Flambeur is the start of the French New Wave, but, regardless of it's historical importance, Melville's heist flick is just damn fine entertainment.

James R (au) wrote: I guess I'll have to give the only good review of this movie then. This is possibly Grant's finest performance of his career in a drama. Although I still enjoy his performance in Only Angels have wings better. This is also one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen. Its about 2% happy and 100% depressing, so you do the math. Its a great and sad story with great lighting effects and a pretty good score.

Burton D (de) wrote: Some people might say this movie was shelved upon release because the (anti) racist content was just too volatile. Whoever said that lied. This was probably shelved because it's so poorly scripted, acted, and produced that it's barely watchable. How can such a well-known director make a movie with such underdeveloped ideas and a story that barely goes anywhere? It earns a star for some decent music by Ennio Morricone.