Case départ

Case départ

Two black brothers send back to slavery time

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   slave,   whipping,  

Two contempo Frenchmen of Antillean descent visit their ancestor's time as well as their land in the slavery-themed French era. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joakim W (ag) wrote: This movie was the dullest most unorganized boring movie I've seen for a long time. Although children probably would think this movie is hilarious it has a lot of inappropriate scenes. Expected more from both Cedric the entertainer and Kel Mitchell, they have great potential both of them but doesn't show it in this movie.

Keith T (br) wrote: nice family flick.worth a watch

Leslie D (es) wrote: SOOOO funny. Jonathan Tucker is such a great actor. it is a Dark Romp.

THEdjpluto (br) wrote: Not the greatest entry but it's certainly better than most sequels in the never ending series. Very gory and non stop entertainment.

Timothy S (jp) wrote: Walter Hill has long since been a favorite director of mine, and in "Extreme Prejudice", he explores several interesting themes and a lot of familiar territory. It's a classic western masquerading as an 1980's action flick, and it's not entirely successful at either.The action is diluted, and not even Hill's impeccable skill behind the camera can mask that, and the western elements are so hackneyed that it almost plays like a parody. At the center of it all is the relationship between Texas Ranger Nick Nolte and drug dealer Powers Boothe, childhood friends now on opposite sides of the law. That should have made for an interesting film had the screenplay been deeper and more thoughtful. Instead, it's quite superficial and wastes a lot of potential, as does the aspect of the girl caught in the middle played by Maria Conchita Alonso. She has a history with both men as well, but she's little more than a pawn in their power trip and the head games they play with one another.The lead performances, however, are quite good even if Boothe does have a tendency to ham things up a bit. Nolte is a solid lead. The story itself is interesting, but I never found myself getting involved with the film as it feels flat. And there's still the matter of all those cliches. It's so bad that this actually culminates in a back-to-back count-off showdown. You''' be rolling your eyes despite (or maybe because of) the seriousness at which the whole thing is played."Extreme Prejudice" is chock full of promise, but it never engaged me. It's a muted and weak effort despite some game players.

Bjorn O (fr) wrote: Det hr r den frsta av originalfilmerna som jag ser, har sett Shogun Assassins kanske tio gnger och n s lnge fredrar jag dubbat och det dr r mnga rullar kvar i boxen.

Leonard D (fr) wrote: A decent adaptation of the 6th installment of the series! Too bad that Professor Slughorn wasn't as walrus like he is in the book, but here, he's not bad.

Walker S (ru) wrote: It has funny nostalgic 80's moments otherwise skip it

Andrew K (jp) wrote: This was looooooong. Great singing and dancing, but it just drags on forever. The story wasn't substantial enough to support the length. Highlights include Kelly's dance with Jerry of "Tom and Jerry" fame, and Kelly and Sinatra bouncing on the beds.