Cash and Carry

Cash and Carry

The Stooges find a crippled boy and his sister living in their dumpyard shack. To raise money to pay for the little boys operation they buy a phony treasure map from a con man. Thinking the treasure is buried beneath an old house, the boys start digging and wind up in a US treasury vault where they are promptly arrested. The president (FDR) gives them amnesty and arranges for the boy's operation.

The stooges find a crippled boy and his sister living in their dumpyard shack. To raise money to pay for the little boys operation they buy a phony treasure map from a con man. Thinking the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Brutally awesome! A+++! Ti West is brilliant!

Xylvetia R (kr) wrote: The movie is fantastic. Amy really was the highlight of this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and character portrayal of this show! Can't wait to watch more movies from Fincher.

Ranel V (gb) wrote: The idea/premise, though is familiar, has been improved to the point that speculations will swim around your head as you think about it. With less gore but more violence and disturbing scenes, The Purge satisfies my need of an ingenious thriller-suspense movie for this year.

Kara D (au) wrote: Fascinating and engaging documentary. Never a dull moment, it has changed the way I look at origami, both as a creative artform and a practical problem-solving tool. Worth a watch, even if just for the mind-blowing craftsmanship displayed within.

Rachel B (es) wrote: Une histoire qui sied parfaitement au jeu de Catherine Frot, elle y est excellente !!!

Toomas N (br) wrote: If you watch this film on fast forward, you miss everything. It needs to bee watched in silence, in order to get the experience. Great work!

Andrew L (jp) wrote: A mindless, sub-par sci-fi action film brought to you by the same man behind other garbage-fests such as "Independence Day", "10,000 BC" and the 1998 remake of "Godzilla". Jean-Claude Van Damme sort of under acts and is very quite throughout the film, which doesn't exactly say "big action star". Dolph Lundgren tries to overact but some how still feels restrained. Ally Walker does her best Jamie Lee Curtis impression throughout the film. As far as writing goes, don't expect much. There are some really awful jokes that are painfully obvious and really don't need to be said in the film. Its amazing to think this film got so many sequels but most of these were direct-to-video. If the first one doesn't tickle your fancy you probably should stay away from those too, I know I will.

MD (fr) wrote: wasn't he too young for her?

Dillon L (es) wrote: a classic full of action

David B (kr) wrote: An exceptional visual experience with rich Technicolor detailing which is truly stunning. Douglas Sirk specialised in these gentle melodramas in the 1950s which although seeming dated now make pointed jabs at family realations, male dominated society and snobbish middle class attitudes about sexuality and the woman's place being in the home. This one in particular has a lot to say about sacrificing personal happiness to keep children and family happy. A widow ( Jane Wyman) is pursued by a couple of suitors who would offer her stability and more of what her husband provided her. She falls in love with the gardener (Rock Hudson) who is quite the opposite of her dead husband. Her children and friends protest and she dumps him. After her children leave for their own romance and life experience she then reflects on her actions and with the support of her family doctor returns to sort things out before events take a dramatic turn. As usual Sirk uses classical themes for his film and there is Brahms and Rachmaninov and piano themes. Check out Sirk's other films. These are American masterpieces before the blight of CGI and bland direction and art direction.

Vivian G (fr) wrote: It was an ok movie about things that could go wrong at a bachelorette party like the wedding dress gets dirty.

Marc K (es) wrote: worth watching for seeing Woody Allen do 'calm'

Steve S (ru) wrote: *** (out of four) A smart dramatic thriller that allows it's characters to come to life nicely while remaining believable to its set up. Not everything works perfectly, but I really liked the way this picture took its time and refused to fall into many of the typical suspense traps. John, played by Rhys Coiro, is a successful lawyer at a respected Los Angeles law firm. He needs more backbone, but overall he is good at his job. Then one day Rich, a young hotshot lawyer is hired at the firm. He also has moved into the same apartment building as John. They become uneasy friends as Rich begins leading John down a dangerous path that jeopardizes his job and his relationship with his girlfriend. Rhys Coiro and Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Rich, are really what sets this thriller apart. Their performances are excellent. Vincent Vieluf, who starred in films like "Rat Race" and "An American Werewolf in London" makes an impressive writing and directorial debut.