Cash and Curry

Cash and Curry

Cash and Curry is a fast-paced, comedy-drama, set in multi-cultural London. Raj and his friends are tired of being "errand boys" at the bottom of the food chain. Ambition, leads Raj and his friends into the middle of a gang war between two of the biggest drug lords in London: Gabbar and Isaac. Realising the consequences of his actions, Raj seeks refuge in the countryside with an old friend, Tony. Based in an old abandoned farm, Tony runs the largest pirate DVD manufacturing operation in London. To elude capture, Raj and his friends are forced to submerge themselves in farm life. Meanwhile, Gabbar and Isaac are hunting down Raj and his friends - but who will find them first

A gang of young petty criminals end up in an abandoned farm when a deal goes wrong. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cash and Curry torrent reviews

Christina S (nl) wrote: A good documentary for everyone that has common sense should watch.

Scott W (ru) wrote: Basically a few mini-documentaries packed into one big one based on incentives. Haven't read the book but this was an informative and sometimes funny documentary. Some of the mini documentaries are better than others though.

Heather H (fr) wrote: really enjoyed this movie!

Juan N (de) wrote: It's a good teen movie but it lacks the right amount of charm to be a classic. The story is good and somehow unpredictable. It's not a usual "bubble-gum" teen movie. The acting of some of the actors in the movie is not that impressive.

Michael H (kr) wrote: I don't mind independant movies, I don't mind poorly made films. Even if a film looks like shit, there is usually something good about it. The main problem with this one is that the plot doesn't show up until the last 15 minutes. The gore is ridiculous, and not in a good way. The acting is abismal! Pretty much what you'd expect from a film you found in poundland. I should've just left it at one of those films you never watch, just enjoy looking at the cover.

Keith F (jp) wrote: If you want your kids to be blindly indoctrinated into the world of eco-terrorism, this is a great movie, if not then DO NOT RENT IT. It could have been a training film from Greenpeace/PETA and the Animal Liberation Front. Where any tactics are fair game to promote your own agenda. This includes vandalism, law breaking, destruction of private property etc. I am sorry I rented it and sent it back as soon as I realized what its purpose was, and its not to entertain you, its to brainwash your children!

Demir B (de) wrote: It makes no sense (and not in a David Lynch kinda way).

yvonne m (it) wrote: yep.....good film....

James H (es) wrote: This was not bad as the reviews said it was, but I gotta say the ending was awful and candyman was hilarious as always!

K K (ca) wrote: C+Poor storyline, bad acting, overrated movie

George P (ag) wrote: Great satire about the human proclivity to deny reality and live in a self-imposed bubble.

Sean D (kr) wrote: This is a really well done psychological drama about three different women who live three completely different lives but are all intertwined together and end up all almost being the same person. Very well done film. Very sad but very solid.

Charles S (ru) wrote: Over-cast for the script. Keke totally reminds me of Lawrence Fishburne. VERY GORY, but not in a violent way, the guy is a crime scene cleaner.