Cash Calls Hell

Cash Calls Hell

Before leaving prison, Oida uncomfortably enters into an agreement with his cell mate: in exchange for a half-share of 30,000,000 yen, he is to assassinate three strangers given to him on a list. However, upon meeting his first potential victim, Oida has second thoughts. Yet, even as he tries to back out, the body count starts climbing. Oida must now try to alert the people on his list of their impending danger, and find out why they are being targeted in the first place.

Before leaving prison, Oida uncomfortably enters into an agreement with his cell mate: in exchange for a half-share of 30,000,000 yen... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Coni S (de) wrote: Love it! Great story, great acting! Have watched it many times!

Paul H (it) wrote: Great movie -- extraordinary teacher.

Annonymous M (gb) wrote: Loved this little documentary.

merlin g (ru) wrote: Charlie Sheen didn't touch this sequel because it didn't even meet his meager standards. 2 hours of your life, gone forever.

Jared A (br) wrote: A personal favorite. Field of Dreams is a thoughtful, compassionate movie containing a large repertoire of pitches laced with the aches of life.*On a different note: Richard Corliss, from TIME, presented a poorly thought out analysis of the film. He criticizes reactions of men to the effects of athletics on the psyche. His reaction towards Field of Dreams is not an uncommon one. His reasoning is heavily invested in an insensitive attitude towards the movie's framework, but my criticism of Corliss' review is not over the way the movie made him feel. His necessity to generate justification wasn't intellectual.

Tecia E (es) wrote: Not alot of information to decide whether I want to watch it or not

Jurgen M (ag) wrote: I really liked this, oh-so-long ago when it first came out.

William B (br) wrote: a classic masterpiece by the genius that is Bergman

Lori B (au) wrote: On the surface, Johnny Guitar is just another throwaway Republic Western. But watching it, I realized that something else is going on. This movie has nothing to do with the Western genre and everything to do with sex. Like Ebert, I wonder if this movie was made to make fun of the censors. I honestly can't imagine anyone with any intelligence not seeing the erotic subtext. I am not a big fan of Joan Crawford overall. But I sure love her in this role. I happened to catch this on AMC. XBox has it available to stream for 4 bucks.

David H (gb) wrote: Ive it exist a Film that bring the 20's on a Point than it is this one Boundless Wealth Hedonism meets Poverty and Starvation a Few Group of Indivuals get rich of the Suffers of the Main Population and Greta Garbo is dazzling

Brandon V (ag) wrote: Among the simpler of the absurdist Allen comedies, and not one of the funnier ones, but Allen's charm -- especially when paired with Farrow -- is always outstanding.

Dave J (au) wrote: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 (1986) No Retreat, No Surrender ACTION The only martial art role I ever liked for a Jean Claude Van-Damme movie even though he's not the star but memorable as a bad guy. Actual martial artist Kurt McKinney as Jason competing in the kickboxing ring to support his family. this dismisal plot device is sort of a Rocky-style martial arts movie which serves nothing but a backdrop to see some amazing martial art fighting with Jean Claude stealing the show as bad ass top Russian kickboxer. Directed by veteran Hong kong action film maker/ director Corey Yuen Kwai whose choreographed hundreds of martial arts films most notably with Jet Li. 3 out of 4