After a painful breakup, Ben develops insomnia. To kill time, he starts working the late night shift at the local supermarket, where his artistic imagination runs wild.

After a painful breakup, Ben develops insomnia. To kill time, he starts working the late night shift at the local supermarket, where his artistic imagination runs wild. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cashback torrent reviews

Jordan J (kr) wrote: This is a must have dvd.

Artan A (ag) wrote: its an OK movie... its very realistic... but there is nothing that clicks in it... nothing special... there is times, where you have the aha sign... i liked some of the details in it... but mostly i liked the fact that simon got the eye doctor... ha...

Don S (au) wrote: A cool way to rob a bank, and for a super cool reason! And you can't go wrong with the acting skills of Denzel Washington and Clive Owen! It's hard to believe this was directed by Spike Lee, it's so different from all the films I've seen of his, and he isn't in it!!! A definite step up for him! But, he did include one of his horrible filming "trademarks" around 1 hr. 27 min.. Ugh, it's such a bad touch! I was afraid we'd get another mystery basketball bouncing in the bank at the end of the film! Thankfully, he didn't do that, and he did give us a good bank robbery flick! I'd love to see Denzel and Clive in another film together!

HungYa L (nl) wrote: The adventure of Indiana Jones is still good and I was also fascinated by the fact that they chose Latin American myth this time but the cheesy ending and rather terrible CGI kind of tarnished rather well-established storyline.

Jeff B (us) wrote: I really didn??t care for this film. It was overlong and it just seemed like there wasn??t much of a story. The whole romance was far too rushed and wasn??t even romantic. William Holden seemed out of place, looking about 35/40 trying to play a 20 something year old. Rosalind Russell was too over the top (more so than usual) and got annoying, trying to add too much comic relief. I just thought it was a dull film. However, it did have nice sets, costumes, and cinematography, so I??ll give it that.

Traci P (ru) wrote: Have seen, but need to rewatch!

Roy C (br) wrote: Michelle Pfeiffer even looks good in funeral clothes. That's how hot she is.

Cody M (br) wrote: It's really a fascinating mess, that has some entertaining parts.

Randall A (gb) wrote: my current ozu fave. i'm taken back by it's visual beauty, and i marvel at its abillity to simply exist. for some reason er other i felt i saw ozu's "cycle of things" unfold more clearly than ever here, but that's just for now because you can ALWAYS go back to any late ozu film, and feel as if they're new each time.

Leo C (ca) wrote: I remember watching this flick as a kid during the late 90s and I really liked. However, as a grown adult who watched this film again, I was very disappointed by how godzilla was. This wasn't Godzilla at all, this was just a crappy rip off to a nostalgic franchise. Hell, the 2014 flick is awesome despite some flaws, yet it superbly surpasses this film.

Carolyn D (it) wrote: Such great music....

Andrew S (br) wrote: Is there a difference between this one and the 1956 version? except Peter Lorre of course?

Shayne J (fr) wrote: A movie so bad that it wasn't even released.

Cody B (us) wrote: I enjoyed this, actually. It's alright.

Ryan C (mx) wrote: Another instant classic from Mr. Barker. It may not have been quite as good as the original, it's pretty doggone good. The special effects were just spectacular. In the first Hellraiser movie, hell came to the home but in this one, they go to hell. An interesting thing to mention is the way they depict hell. Most movies do it with a blackened area and fire everywhere. Not this movie. Instead it's in a sky-like place and the actual inside of it is like a haunted castle, it's really interesting. You also get to learn about Pinhead's past and that's very interesting. If you liked the first you'll like this one. It's great.

Queen P (ca) wrote: How do u watch this movies