Casinha Pequenina

Casinha Pequenina

In colonial Brazil, rich farmer and owner of slaves is blackmailed by a lady; to get rid of the problem, he involves innocent countrymen in a diabolical plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harris W (ru) wrote: Mediocre at best. There are quite a few one-liners, and a couple of touching moments, else it's just cliche like most romantic comedies, only this one is gay-themed with a specific group --bears. The actors aren't so good, the photography, direction and editing are just poor. The look of it is really amateurish, more like a home video. But it's always good to look at some gorgeous bears, on both sides of the screen, the theater I was in was packed with those.

Melissa C (ru) wrote: i couldn't get through 15 minutes of the movie.

Michael D (ca) wrote: A good documentary on a group of people who steadfastedly refuse to live 'real' lives and instead dwell almost exclusively in darkened theatres basking in the warm glow of the movie projector.That one guy's dating resume was glorious and i imagine would send 99% of girls running a mile in the opposite direction. But hey, there's always one.... maybe.

Curtis I (us) wrote: Simply fascinating in its stripped down, no frills approach to the hereafter and very Japanese.

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Kathie H (br) wrote: I loved this movie and still do. It was scary and Daniel Craig was darling in it!

Noname (us) wrote: A horror movie about werewolfes. It's a fair flick but there are alot better similiar ones out there. If u really like this type of movie its worth a closer look tho.

Tim R (es) wrote: Bizarre and thought provoking. Definitely worth the watch to anyone interested in a film that pulls you in different directions quickly leaving many questions left to be explored long after the credits roll.

Johnny T (es) wrote: My opinion best transformer film

Danielle K (ca) wrote: Transsiberian is a refreshing thriller with fantastic actors. Ben Kingsley is one of my favorite actors, and he does a wonderful job of playing the scary Russian 'cop'.

Erin R (nl) wrote: This independent film was well thought out and had good intentions. The plot while a bit dry at first eventually became interesting and started to unfold around her life and misconception of her family. But almost wasn't worth waiting the first half hour for. Shailene Woodley's performance in the movie was unlike any of her other movies so broadly based on romance. This movie gave her space to grow as an actress. However because of her talent it felt like the movie relied too heavily on her performance and lacked in depth of other character relationships. As the story progresses trying to guess the ending is next to impossible and as soon as you think you have it, the plot changes opening up different opportunities for the ending. The ending is nothing you could have guessed, it's got quite the twist.