The life of the gambling paradise – Las Vegas – and its dark mafia underbelly.

Greed, deception, money, power, and murder occur between two mobster best friends and a trophy wife over a gambling empire. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ankit C (ca) wrote: Brilliant plot falls flat due to lousy screenplay and horrible acting...

Ashley V (es) wrote: only cuz it has robert in it. lol

Barney o (ag) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: 'The Chamber of Secrets' steps things up a notch after the first film because the script and overall story make for a more mysterious adventure as the stakes are actually a meaningful part of the plot. This means false tension no longer has to be forced through the acting chops of a trio of kids - though having said that it is rewarding to see them begin to grow in ability. In the end though, the strength of this movie is mostly down to that script, as whilst some of the discussions are slightly too on the nose, it does make room for more characterisation and real-world significance than it's predecessor.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: What really is the point of all the tangents we're taken on? Sure some have payoffs, but most really do not. This feels especially annoying in the lengthly set-up where we're constantly shown things with no relevence at all, and it honestly means they could have cut half an hour from the film without damaging it at all. I get they do this in the books, but here we have the added benefit of SEEING what a great world this is, without being given hours to simply explore it.VERDICT: This is a great story, but sadly it gets distracted by cats, spiders, plants and magic dust just a few too many times. Lose that, and I'll be engaged from start to finish

Stuart K (au) wrote: Directed by Mike Hodges (Get Carter (1971) and Flash Gordon (1980)), and written by Paul Mayersberg (The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983) and Eureka (1983)), this crime drama had a troubled release, opening to no fanfare at all in the UK in 1999, it was released in America in 2000, where the critics absolutely loved it, and it got a re-release here in 2001, where people saw what the fuss was about. It follows aspiring writer Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), who is struggling to find inspiration for his next book. But, following a recommendation from his father (Nicholas Ball), Jack gets a job at a casino ran by David Reynolds (Alexander Morton), working as a croupier. It's against his better judgement as he used to gamble a lot in his home country of South Africa. However, he knows he can't get close to the customers or the staff. The job takes over his life, and puts a strain on his relationship with girlfriend Marion (Gina McKee). Then Jack breaks a big rule, he finds himself getting close to gambler Jani de Villiers (Alex Kingston), who has a dark side. It's a very good crime film, and it's about the temptation that the world of gambling has to offer. It's a very twisty film as well, but it's cleverly scripted, and it does show the realistic side to gambling, all the tricks of the trade as well as the do's and don't that the job of a croupier entails. It's well worth a look.

Michael K (us) wrote: A nice movie. Uneven at times. But seeing Alyssa Milano makes the whole experience worth it.

Eliabeth T (jp) wrote: A really clever idea for a movie that lacked the casting and good direction it needed to be amazing. I don't care if it is a crappy movie, I still LOVE it

Caesar B (gb) wrote: Re-watching this after 20+ years I still like it. Technically it doesn't hold up, feels quite dated, but emotionally it still connects. Despite its messy storyline and low production value I'm glad I bought it, cause it could still make me laugh which is what this movie was all about.The DVD cover said it was for twelve years and over which is retarded, I watched this when I was nine, with no ill effect. That I know of...

kyo 9 (nl) wrote: a very strong movie with a deep meaning to tell..

Adam D (ru) wrote: A good noir film With a railroad as background

t w (jp) wrote: This movie Sucks it boring unexciting and incredibly dull. This dosent classify as a Western its a bad Musical that makes me dislike Tex Ritter. He can be cool like how he was in Rollin' Plains. I HATE IT WHEN TEX STARTS TO SING. Cowboys shouldnt sing, unless its Paint Your Wagon. I Didn't like this movie but the best thing about this movie was the death in the courtroom its so long and outragous nobody says anything until he completely falls down its the funniest death I've ever seen.

Charles G (jp) wrote: Another coming of age movie. Better than some.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: A very good fun entertaining action film that doesn't waste much time in getting to the action, Liam does well in playing the hero, A very simple plot, A good way to spend an hour and a half.