Casper Meets Wendy

Casper Meets Wendy

When a warlock threatens Wendy the Good Little Witch, she and her aunts hide out at a resort where Casper the Ghost is vacationing with his uncles. Although Casper and Wendy are told ghosts and witches don't get along, the two are kindred spirits! This spooky family-friendly adventure finds Casper and Wendy bridging the ghost-witch divide to battle the warlock who is intent on destroying Wendy.

Good friends Casper the Friendly Ghost and Wendy the Good Witch discover that ghosts and witches are each others worst enemies, so they come up with a plan to make their elders pair up to one another, and then together they fight an evil dark wizard named Desmond Spellman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neal T (ca) wrote: Saw this movie at 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The movie will make you question every memory you think you can recall. Using different grades of film stock(no high def digital here), the recall of memory is shown in its many gradiations from crystal clear to dark and muddied. You will begin to see that memories are not always clear or constant. No matter where you had your childhood, you are going to say "wow, that is what I remember about the summer of ...." No car chases, shoot'em ups or outlandish sexcapades. This is not a summer teen flick. It is a movie that will leave you wondering about what you think you remember.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: While a toast to those surviving not-fitting-in while in high school and to nerds everywhere, this is at heart basically a message film warning about what it is in life that makes outsiders feel the way that they do (i.e. usually victimization). Take away the message and what remains is another coming-of-age drama, one decently actualized. Expect lots of classic rock dance tunes.

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Kayla K (ca) wrote: This movie has it all, romance, monsters, action, and my heart.About 2 years ago my Jess mentioned a movie that he said I would love... and boy was he right!Because it centers around the main character, Denny's, celebrations of her birthday, it has become my official birthday movie.It was given to me as a tongue and cheek reference to my personal choices in men and my sweetness that gets me the losers in life (sorry ex-boyfriends... you just weren't the winners of my heart)... err... ummoof... this was a little close to home this year.Though, my Jess's head shake of my love of people who live in garbage is counter productive because this movie only reinforces that I might find my demon soulmate there...I proudly wear my Scott Valentine is My Demon Lover pin as often as possible :)

Matt R (it) wrote: Cliched and technically flawed, this sequel gets by on its trippy visuals and great sfx.

Augustine H (kr) wrote: Psychopathic as most of Cronenberg's other films.

Nigel K (ru) wrote: I'm not a big Nicholas Cage fan but 3 of his films stand out 'Bad Lieutenant', 'The Rock' and this. Ingenious fast moving story, a roller coaster ride of fun.

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