The incredible true story of how an orphaned Jamaican baby, adopted by an elderly white couple and brought up in an all white area of London, became one of the most feared and respected men in Britain.

In a true story, an adopted Jamaican baby adopted by an elderly white couple and brought up in an all white area of London becomes one of the most-respected and most-feared men in Britain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanna C (jp) wrote: It was alright!!! I never knew Lucy Hale from "Pretty Little Liars" knows how to sing so good. Wow!!! She did pretty good in this role of being the singer big thumbs up for her.

Maria P (fr) wrote: Totes ridiculous ending, but really good fun and gory film

Sancar S (fr) wrote: Empty thinker makes people reading Platon.

Senh D (mx) wrote: [b]Shadow Man[/b] - When Seagal's DTV movies miss, they completely miss. [b]The Hard Corps[/b] - The Bodyguard, except Van Damme is protecting a former World Heavyweight Champion (and his manager/sister). There's a half decent fight in middle of film between the two of them. Vivica A Fox, who's the sister, looks like she had a couple plastic surgery mishaps here. [b]Pink Panther - [/b]A very silly and stupid comedy, Naked Gun style. You're either in for the ride, or you're not. I was. [b]Firewall - [/b]Again, agreed with Ebert. It's an old fashion thriller with no bells and whistles. It was engrossing.

Will H (jp) wrote: Very crazy movie! Funny monkey in it.

Camille M (ag) wrote: Wonderful...sad but beautiful. a poem of the 70's chinese society

Phillip G (ru) wrote: An Interesting and Relevant Story Told in a Very Bland and Emotionally Devoid Way. Great Performance By James Woods Though.

Jonathan G (de) wrote: YOU SHOULD BUY THIS MOVIE! But only because they filmed it in Charlotte, NC and we need support for the local film scene. It's honestly not any better than an average Matlock or Perry Mason TV episode. It's a feel good 'Hallmark'-style courtroom drama with some charming moments. Honestly, after ready the screenplay first, I'm pretty disappointed about the decision of the director to simplify a lot of the fight/chase scenes. It just wasn't that special of a movie without them. I listened to the director's commentary afterward and it seemed like if the actors wanted to change the action in some seens and he let them do what they wanted to do. You need to control it better if you're the director. IMO. This could have been a lot better AND a lot worse.

jeremy w (es) wrote: Perhaps the best skinhead movie ever made(yes even better than AHX). The score and the ending are haunting, the performances very real and convincing, and the pacing is superb. The final scene is 10 minutes of tour-de-force film-making.

Steve B (nl) wrote: Sadly Melville's last film. A complex narrative with plenty of twists and turns.

R R (jp) wrote: It's like a really bad Jurrasic Park. Poor casting choice and no chemistry. Bad script, directing and score.

Eduardo B (ag) wrote: Insteresting documentary, but I think it was a bit overdramatized and it could have gone deeper into the subject

jennifer h (fr) wrote: Old but goodie. I love this movie.

The N (de) wrote: es tan mala que produce lastima

Lee B (es) wrote: A likeable 1.75 stars. "Trancers" has a lot of lore put into it for such a low budget production- even for the 80s. It's worth looking at once if you like B movie science fiction of the time. The first 10 minutes are fairly well received and then it tails off from there into somewhat of a very bad dark comedy. The plot is contrived at best. A bad guy who makes zombies out of people goes back in time to make zombies of people who are the ancient ancestors of those people who rule the future. Our hero goes back and has to send him back to the future. Along the way he falls in love with Helen Hunt, (yes that Helen Hunt) and kills a zombified Santa Claus. (No misprint.)

J F (us) wrote: This had to be the worst Wayans film I have ever seen. It's hard to even imagine how this was greenlighted. There were funny parts, but not enough to justify the time I wasted.