Cassidy of Bar 20

Against a background of exceptional mountain photography, Hoppy rushes to rid former sweetheart Nora Blake and Pappy's range of rustlers and bad guys.

Against a background of exceptional mountain photography, Hoppy rushes to rid former sweetheart Nora Blake and Pappy's range of rustlers and bad guys

Cassidy of Bar 20 is a movies torrent of Alexa. The released year of this movie is 1938. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example William Boyd, Russell Hayden, Frank Darien, Nora Lane, Robert Fiske, John Elliott, Margaret Marquis, Gertrude Hoffman, Carleton Young, Gordon Hart, Ed Cassidy. Movie' genres are Western. This movie was rated by 6.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends

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Users reviews

Bradley K (nl)

All of the usual Sirk trappings, dysfunctional families, impossible loves, social conservatism and gorgeous colour and set design

Bryan D (br)

A decent fifth entry and likely the last (theatrical) entry i this series

Daniel F (kr)

Having to see Gary Busey was the only real negative of this film, together with the idiotic final fight scene. His mythical heroism here is fun because it's convincing - the insanity aspect covers for some more farfetched parts of his character. Glover and Gibson both submit wonderful performances, especially Gibson, who plays a complete maniac with a convincingness that was probably more revealing than people realized at the time. This was a movie that would be strictly off-limits to me as a child, but the style and feel of the film is reminiscent of the action movies my friends and I loved before our tenth birthdays. Lethal gave me a nostalgia trip, despite never having seen it

Guido S (de)

Plenty of laughs and action, much better than i expected it to be. The film is dumb, but it is incredibly enjoyable. He fabricates a resume and badge and ends up in burglary and helps solve cases with his 'expertise'. Unfortunately, it is a police station. He remembers the location and when he gets out of jail, he looks to go reclaim his haul. He sticks it in a vent of an under construction building. Martin Lawrence is a jewel thief who gets caught trying to steal a diamond

Jayakrishnan R (ru)

The animation scenes are good, but the real scenes, their syncing and acting are bad. This film is an improvement on the first. 73%I don't really like the live action- animation films such as Hop, etc, but Stuart little 2 was better than most

Lus Fernando B (us)

Em suma, talvez no seja o pice da filmografia de Hitchcock, mas sem dvidas um suspense policial de muita classe. Destaque, por fim, s finssimas atuaes de todo o elenco. Dispondo do grande senso de humor negro do mestre Hitchcock, o filme igualmente se beneficia da sofisticada direo do cineasta, o qual, no final de sua carreira, ainda compunha passagens absolutamente irrequietas e poderosas - ora por sua explcita violncia (como a cena do estrangulamento), ora por seu absoluto silncio e tenso (nfase para a grande tomada que se distancia progressivamente dos aposentos do assassino). A partir da relao complicada que os homens sempre possuem com o sexo oposto - seja nos nveis domsticos, seja nos nveis psicopatas -, "Frenesi" constri um romance policial britnico bastante envolvente, divertido e at mesmo provocador em sua narrativa, haja vista as brincadeiras feitas com as percepes, princpios e preconceitos dos prprios expectadores

Roxanne R (ca)

e drama continues until something else happens that threatens to tear the family apart! Great film and added to my private collection! Highly recommended!!. . . Chase is forced to reveal to Tyler a secret he kept from him;fortunately Tyler remains his best friend and seems fine with the disclosure. Everything seems perfect until Tyler drags Chase to a couple of Animal House-like parties featuring beer funnels and slutty girls, but Chase fails to be attracted to the women that Tyler points in his direction. Nothing but golf, barbecues, and swimming lessons. Loved this movie and it was a pleasure to watch! Its about best college friends Tyler and Chase who decide to spend Summertime at the lakeside cabin of Tyler's parents Nathan and Stacey (played by Dan Payne and Thea Gill)

Simon P (es)

A touch of needless positivity at the end but the rest is suitably downbeat and Marsan is excellent as always

Sonia K (mx)

killer films i love the most