Castaway on the Moon

Castaway on the Moon

A failed suicide attempt leads a heartbroken man to live a life in the wilderness.

A failed suicide attempt leads a heartbroken man to live a life in the wilderness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Castaway on the Moon torrent reviews

Sean D (br) wrote: Didn't know this was the same director as Stephen Kings "the night flier".Funny how this has such a different feel in terms of how it looks and plays. Its been almost 20 years since Pavia has put out a movie and you wouldn't know if Fender Bender was from an up and coming director.I very much enjoyed this one though!

Vasco M (br) wrote: I mean, it SERIOUSLY looks like shit! What the fuck Argento?! Why the fuck tarnish Dracula's name with this fucking movie?!

Sasha T (es) wrote: Nominated for Primetime Emmy.

Cheryl N (kr) wrote: [b][color=Red]I loved this movie, it was great!!! Bad ass boys with testosterone flying as fast as the bullets!!! Campy, raunchy and in true style for Quinten T. Glad Hopper had a nice role and Madden was awesome!! Reminds me of by gone days, sorta...[/color][/b]

Rikard I (ag) wrote: A sad and painful but very realistic story about the hard consequences people encounter while dealing with Alzheimers. Wolters acting is supreme!

Leonard D (us) wrote: Ummmm..........NO!! To give this a little bit of credit, however, AT LEAST IT WAS SHORT!!

Egl B (au) wrote: i loved it just i love Lisbon. <:

Pat D (gb) wrote: A bit of everything...romantic, funny, scary with a cool ending and great music. Lee Montgomery is so cute and one of the best TV movies ever made!

Darrin C (fr) wrote: It's a good story (at least original as far as I know) and the comedy is definitely there. One of the reasons I became a Michael Keaton fan (next to Johnny Dangerously)!

Lesley N (es) wrote: Rough and ready original version of the French THE BEAT MY HEART SKIPPED, with Harvey Keitel torn between the two career choices of being a classical pianist and roughing up people who owe his dad money. To my mind this, the original, is the better film, butthat's only because I like 70's films in general, and 70's films with Harvey Keitel in them in particular, and 70's films with Harvey Keitel playing a conflicted character who's highly likely to take his clothes off in at least one scene, the most of all.

Peder S (fr) wrote: An odd little film clearly made for the male audience I've seen worse films then this one, but it is extremely cheesy and half done.

Kasper W (de) wrote: Just so beautiful......

Brett W (fr) wrote: Really kinda silly propoganda, but a great entry in the Basil Rathbone Holmes series. Nigel Bruce is still a problem, but Lionel Atwill's Mortiarty is a genuine hammy treat.

Derek D (ag) wrote: Doesn't stand out like it should in the overpopulated world of Seagal films and perhaps only got the audience and attention it got because it had the then-redhot DMX co-starring in it, whom I have a hard time believing could kick Seagal's ass in a fight, much less stand toe-to-toe with him. Has a good cast that would've given this film a higher rating, but I took a half a star off for having the Law & Order-killing Anthony Anderson in it (Just kidding about the star part, but not about Anderson).

Colin M (it) wrote: Amazing movie that hollywood as these douchy film critics just don't get. It's a cult classic, easily in my top 5, and If it's ever on TV I always watch it even though I own it. It's hilarious, it's never reaching or trying to be something it's not, I honestly wouldn't change a thing about it. Grandma's Boy for Life!

John O (jp) wrote: I love how these movies continue and tie in to each other Saw 5 was better then 4 but still not as good as 1 I love the story of 4 and 5 and seeing how it all unfolds it's great Worthwhile watching

Ps G (au) wrote: George Clooney back in action.

Anna P (jp) wrote: A bit bizarre, but heartwarming, whimsical, touching, tear inducing and somewhat adorable. Watch it as a fairytale, take it for what it is...and I suppose, it is also a lesson on how to be a good parent, besides many other things that can be taken away from this movie.

Amanda T (it) wrote: I was really happy to see that Paul Wall wasn't as much of a jackass as I thought he was to being with. I enjoyed this doc.

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