Casting By

The surprising, never-before-told tale of the indispensable yet unsung Casting Director - Iconoclasts whose keen eye, exquisite taste and gut instincts redefined Hollywood.

The surprising, never-before-told tale of the indispensable yet unsung Casting Director - Iconoclasts whose keen eye, exquisite taste and gut instincts redefined Hollywood

Casting By is the best great movie of N/A. The released year of this movie is 2012. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Jeff Bridges, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Woody Allen, Richard Dreyfuss, Danny Glover, Diane Lane, Paul Rudd, John Travolta, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty, Marion Dougherty. The kind of movie are Documentary. The rating is 7.6 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Avery B (mx)

Not worth wasting five minutes to preview. bitch. . . let me tell you. . . . and they do themseleves proud. . . . a movie that allows pimps to speak for themselves. . . As others have mentioned

dale c (ag)

the story line from what i've seen of it sucks so i've not actually watched it although i own it

Darrin C (it)

Another good one from the Muppets, though I was a little disappointed that only a select few Muppets got any role time in this one

Gustavo B (fr)

ike Hollywood do with their productions when there is a lack of creativity, they acquire ideas and products from the other countries to make it their own, why the US government don't do that too?. You cannot make a country better or greater, but just promising great things, without looking other nations who have chosen to work for their people, and not for the politicians. It's sound depressing when you read it on this list, but when you see it in on film, comparing it to real situations in the US, you ask yourself, why our politicians are not doing anything about it?, why Michael Moore have to subversively be the invader in countries which have better quality of life, showing us right in our face, that our system is really broken?The biggest achievement of this film is an eye opening view of what us, are missing, but perhaps are not letting our peers to enjoy. From Paid, honeymoon, two hour lunch break, paid parental leave, real and healthy school meals, no homework, no standardized testing, debt free education, special women's rights, and prosecution of bankers. Most of these countries, give groundbreaking benefits which for US citizens is just dreams and illusions that will never have. The tour takes you from Italy, France, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Tunisia and Iceland. The documentary focus in a comedic way, but at the end of the day the content is pure sarcasm against America that some people who think is the best country of all. Moore have always been a spokesman of USA lack of prospects. "Where to Invade Next", have Michael Moore traveling to countries mostly in Europe and Africa discovering all the great things that this nations offer to their people, comparing to what Americans have to suffer constantly to make a living. Michael Moore, director of films like Sicko, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 embarks in one of the biggest mission of all, find what is missing in the USA that doesn't make it the best country of the whole world. It could be enforce in court if the system works for you to fight idea stealer. But when you take an idea that is not yours and make it better or worse is not condone. The basic idea of taking something that is not yours is consider a felony, a crime or even a subversive action against the law

Heather P (nl)

Popcorn and a Movie with the hubby! ?????

Jaro P (ca)

. . Probably the best documentary/rockumentary I've seen about recording band's second album but mostly about how the music/recording business works and how they screw the artists 90% of time

Jason F (br)

Definitely worth a watch. The plot is somewhat reminiscent of Secret Window (another good movie but not sure which came first) so that alone intrigued me when I read the synopsis. I thought that this was rather good tbh! I enjoy any serious role with Jim Carrey in so this was no exception

Jun Woo P (kr)

One of the most underrated films of all time and it's my second favorite John Carpenter movie, only behind The Thing

Leah S (fr)

This movie had a very interesting plot which was pulled off in the cheesiest of ways

marybeth d (ru)

i love this movie dale midkiff is hot in this movie