Two young women discover a way to view parallel universe versions of themselves via the internet, and rapidly become obsessed with watching the alternate paths that their lives might have taken.

Issues of race, class, sex, and control are explored in this satiric portrait of a Boston family in denial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arpan M (au) wrote: Bhatts must not make any more horror movies....!!! this one is intolerable...!!!

Colin S (ag) wrote: I loved this movie...there is more swearing in this than joe pesci's vocabulary...its a straight throw back horror 80s style with bad acting and gore laden enough to please any gore hound with a dash of pon thrown in.....i can understand why people whine and bitch about this film as they probably are used to such s**t like twilight or yourself a fovour crack open a beer get your friends over and have a laugh!

Toni S (ag) wrote: Sure, it's a well-made film but it's not one that I'm likely to want to watch it again anytime soon.

Michael A (mx) wrote: what could be a really interesting thriller fails to thrill.

Daniel J (ru) wrote: .. No es tan chingona la neta

Vikram G (mx) wrote: Wonderfully wonderful!!Its going straight to my all time fav list..

Jessica M (gb) wrote: I was so disappointed with this movie. It lacks in every aspect. The charm of the Anne movies for me was their beautiful simplicity in terms of grand schemes, drama etc and their profound characters. Anne learns she does not need grand adventures or a whole lot of drama and finds everything she does need in her "own backyard", so to speak. This third movie completely contradicts that, set in wartime, stupid disguises, stupid love triangles. It is junk. Furthermore, in the first two movies, Diana leaves her superficial childhood fantasies regarding love behind and discovers a truer more profound version of it when she falls in love with and marries Fred Wright. He is literally "Mr. RIght". Anne takes forever to realize that her "Mr. Right" is right in front of her in the form of Gilbert. In this movie Fred Wright's character is in question, his marriage to Diana in shambles and he declares he is in love with Anne. It is disgusting. As much as I love Anne, it was enough that two men were in love with her, it becomes ridiculous when Diana's husband falls in love with her too. I kept the first two movies and threw out this last one. I have to imagine the series without it. I wish I had never seen it.

Scott S (es) wrote: A fun film to watch. I enjoy the 5 different taxi drivers and their experiences

Luc L (gb) wrote: Entertaining film that focus Jerry Lee lewis outrageous behavior.

Jeremy L (nl) wrote: Two things comprise this movie. SEX and HEROIN

Tristan M (jp) wrote: Decent shot me up movie, starring our favourite Stallone as he beats his way through bad guys. Pretty average movie although better than I expected, surprisingly violent, lots of people getting shot full of holes, but that's where the good of this movie really stops. There's the traditional foreign bad guy tough guy, who tanks through all opponents until the final encounter with Bobo at end of the movie. The plot is basic and cheesy, the script and acting are too, but still manages to be amusing. Ex-cop, stands up for another cop that is going to get killed, saves him a few times, guy doesn't appreciate it, they don't get along, but he saves him at the end, ya seen it all before. The final fight isn't terrible, gives us a surprise or two, nothing specs up however. Overall it's not bad, not good, and simply put it's quickly forgotten. I've made the mistake of waiting too long until I reviewed it, and now can't remember half of what happened. But not a bad watch if half paying attention and in need of action and decent pace.

Patrick W (de) wrote: sometimes the best way to deliver a punch is to step back

Sean D (de) wrote: Sans stupid run-of-the-mill The Hills Has Eyes / The Texas Chainsaw Massacre about a bunch of deformed family members because of inbreeding that want to kill everyone and never get caught for no reason and are seemingly immortal enough to survive for five sequels, and their hunger for death or murder is never satisfied or really explained. One of the brothers is so annoying and you just want to punch him in the face immediately. Some of the sequels are better than this trash. Also interesting to note this film is one of two films to feature both Lindy Booth and Eliza Dushku, the other is "The Noble Son", which is WAYYYY better than this film. The other selling point for watching this film is my wifey, Eliza Dushku

Agus B (fr) wrote: kung fu panda is genial,:).this movie is really good,the voice of jack black,angelina jolie,dustin hoffman and seth rogen and jackie chan is super,it is one of the best films of dreamworks.