Cat's Eye

Cat's Eye

Three short stories by shock-meister Stephen King are linked by a stray cat that roams from one tale to the next in this creepy triptych that begins as Dick (James Woods) tries to quit smoking by any means necessary. Next, we meet Johnny, an adulterous man who's forced by his lover's husband onto a building's hazardous ledge. Finally, Amanda is threatened by an evil gnome who throws suspicion on the family cat.

A stray cat is the linking element of three tales of suspense and horror. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron G (br) wrote: Thought provoking documentary, interesting story, well made.

Ramananda T (fr) wrote: Well, the movie is quite enjoyable. Nice story, with a sweet ending.

Chris V (it) wrote: A nice story, a few funny moments, and Kathy Bates. Not bad.

Vadim D (kr) wrote: Really crappy nonsense. I don't understand why talents such as Halle Berry and Robert Downey would even bother signing up for something as awful as this.

Adam R (us) wrote: (First and only viewing - 6/6/2011)

monsieur r (jp) wrote: Little Voice is one of those movies thats a little difficult to get into at first, but get past the first 15 or so minutes and when things get to michael caine's part, you are on your way to a fine little movie. The shy girl is wonderful and while it is difficult and improbable that she would ever come out on stage to sing, she manages to do so by seeing her lost father in the seats. All is fantastic, she actually mimics Judy Garland very well, even extremely well. Her father left all his old LPs behind and she listens to them endlessly. Her mother is a catty, wild woman which is very difficult to understand because of her gaelic or some such weird accent. Caine discovers the girl's unbelievable singing talent and, being a show biz promoter/agent, gets her an audition on a local club. She has a few good showings but messes up her chances at stardome when a starmaker promoter shows up one night and witnesses a poor show. Caine is devastated as a result and the girl gets interested in a telephone repairman who raises homing pidgeons. I was glad I gave this movie a chance. 85% of the critics in its day felt good about it too. For those who like unusual films.

Holly M (kr) wrote: Whyyyyyy did it take me so long to watch this?!

Dennis b (jp) wrote: An absolute gem. From start to finish. Gable is amazing as is Colbert. Watch it.

Tom D (it) wrote: Caitlin Stasey is good, but the film itself is fairly ordinary.

Brett B (ru) wrote: The Amityville Haunting is the typical "found footage" haunt that bend over backwards trying to convince the viewer that it's all real as it happens, when we all know better by now and we're just not buying it anymore. This film is so typecast, over-the-top, and predictable, it's virtually painful. While this film tries desperately to hang onto a thin shred of essence that keeps the long-lived Amityville saga alive, it doesn't make for anything original, nor can you add anything new into the run of films that haven't been shown before. The Amityville Haunting is a prime example of how haunted "found footage" (or as I call them: "Paranormal Copycat-tivities") flicks are really getting old and uninteresting, and us horror buffs are still left in the ashes wanting something new and different. It's obvious that "found footage" filmmakers like these thrive on filling a movie with jumpscares more than putting imagination into bringing the story to life, and that style of horror is more prone to putting me to sleep than keeping me at the edge of my seat.