Cat Shit One

Cat Shit One

The war against terrorism has gone private. War has always been a profitable business, so having private corporations field their own armies to fight against terrorism is just good business. Who else could protect those innocent bunnies from the religiously fervent turbaned camel fanatics. It falls upon a small cadre of seasoned furry rabbit soldiers to take the battle to the camel's home turf.Derived from a popular Vietnam-conflict based manga series called Apocalypse Meow , this sequel series uses animal characters to tell the story of the war against terrorism fought in distant countries. Non-human cast of characters notwithstanding, this compelling and painstakingly-researched work places an emphasis on factualism in order to accurately portray the weapons and tactics used by soldiers.

A group of terrorists kidnap the citizens. A team of rabbit soldier including Packy and Botasky go to hostages' rescue to protect city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra J (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie

Bruno C (mx) wrote: A cute Sunday afternoon movie w/ the fam, great cast, cute story, nice subtle movie references. You need to suspend some disbelief, I was only a teeny bit bothered by the lack of attention to some details in recreating the time period (early 80's) with some very glaring prop and sound effect boo-boos.

Isaac H (ca) wrote: its ok. extremely hipster. zoey is not a great choice for him but they kind of just fall into it i suppose. its pretty good.

Nathan T (br) wrote: Surprisingly, very good. Definitely worth seeing. Good plot, character depth, action, etc. don cheadle did an amazing job in this one.

E L (br) wrote: A big-budget remake which lacks the charm and camp-value of the original. Disappointingly boring.

Colm M (ru) wrote: Alright nothing special got freaky pretty quickly

Alise O (br) wrote: very good crime story. crime of passion

John A (us) wrote: Original Plot For It's Time Stargate, Spawned A Successful TV Series Which In Turn Spawned Two Further TV Shows & 2 Direct To DVD Films. This Often Overlooked Sci-Fi Features Great Performances From James Spader & Kurt Russell. The Plot Is Great And Was Original For It's Time. Sadly The Film Drags On A Bit And The Music And Script Are Decent But Not Exactly On Top Form. With A Little More Work This Could Have Been A Much Better Film.

Victor B (us) wrote: Never mind the boring interviews....the fact that U2 played with a church choir...and with BB the planet...

Phil H (ru) wrote: Yul Brynner is a rare actor whose very presence elevates the performances of all around him. So magnetic is he, so larger than life, scenes without him seem artificial, their deficiencies obvious. He makes the movie far more interesting than it deserves to be. You will be drawn to his character and enjoy the movie in spite of everything else. I give it a 6 of 10 with 5 of the positive points for him alone.

John P (ca) wrote: Fantastic movie with a well done story, well explained character development, and plenty of action

Courtney K (ru) wrote: i kind of really like this one; i don't know why. it's almost "comical" in the way that things - or her "visions", if you want to call them that - happen. and i love the effect of the ground opening up and demons actually dragging them to hell... idk. i like it.

Andrey B (ag) wrote: Impressive debut of Tarantino as a director where we see his style and trademark dialogue.