Catch .44

Catch .44

The plan of three women (Malin Akerman, Nikki Reed, Deborah Ann Woll) to intercept a drug shipment for their boss (Bruce Willis) goes horribly wrong, turning into a deadly cat-and-mouse game, with large guns pointed at everyone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amber S (ag) wrote: Funny and endearing..

MARCUS1138 (ru) wrote: "The industry is dead"

Glen F (es) wrote: The question here isn't "Is this film good?" (it is... it's very good) the question is why? Why is Falling Overnight different from films like Restless or Like Crazy. I think the answer is simple... It's real, it's not faking real. If you go to the cinema to be bombarded like an amusement park patron you will hate this film. The Falling Overnight ride is much more subtle and should not be subjected to the crude tastes of those who seek distraction for their movie fix. However if you have a pallet for the intimate, the vulnerable and the honest then you have found your next meal. There is no dish more satiating to those desires then Falling Overnight.

Francesca R (es) wrote: I like how the film conveys emotions towards a subject with observable actions than just words. It's whimsical in that you would not use logic to watch it, which makes it a little interesting to my personal taste.

Crystal B (nl) wrote: Shows how money(or the lack thereof) can expose holes in anyone's relationship.

Jack S (mx) wrote: Whew, I'm finally caught "Up" with the series! Another terrific entry: Ostensibly, most are happier than 7 years ago, or still happy. I guess this matches with something I read a while back, that we start happy, get sad, and then happiness begins to return later in life. Whether one chooses to validate each person's happiness is up to the individual viewer. For me, I'm happy that Bruce has achieved the happy family life he wished for 7 years back, though i found him a bit of a dullard this time around--no longer the "heart & soul." Andrew, the always even-keeled upper-class kid, returned to his usual likability--perhaps due to a career change. Middle-class Jackie is still confrontational, maybe more so, and middle-class Sue is still so pleasant and still gorgeous. I wonder why Apted moved their friend Lynn's segment later in the film. For a while I feared she had died during filming. Interesting that 3 different people mention "leaving the East End." Tony is bothered by all the ethnicities; he liked it how it was. Yet he sees no irony in English people creating their own little scene in Spain. What else? Interesting to see our Australian friend admit to depression. And when he's reunited again with children's-home pal Simon, I finally realized that neither has ever had much of a career.A nice touch on the DVD: a half-hour interview of Apted by Roger Ebert. It even made me think of changes in Ebert's life: Siskel is long gone, and in 2.5 years since that interview, Ebert can't even talk anymore....

joseph e (gb) wrote: Review #474 Drama, Based On True Story, Romance Even though some films give in to convention a little to often, sometimes a little passion, ambition and commitment is all you need. Especially if you have great music to go along with it. Sometimes people forget that not every film can be a happy-go-lucky film, and/or people's lives aren't always so happy-go-lucky neither. I believe that although this film wasn't the masterpiece it could have been, it wasn't bad either. You just got to try to understand what is going and why to the best of your abilities. Jennifer Lopez who plays Puchi is sensational in her role. She is feisty, fiery, and freaking sexually appealing(In a rough on the outside, but sweet in the inside kind of way.) Marc Anthony who has very little acting experience, but still manages to keep his cool and deliver a hands down, three hats in-the-air performance in a tailor made role. "El Cantante is no where near to the biopic style George Tillman Jr. used for Men of Honor(90%) and his latest film Notorious(also 80%). It is infused with something they don't have. Men of Honor had soul. Notorious had Inspiration, and despair. El Cantante has Ambition and Passion, and that along with some mighty fine performances is all I really need, even if some of the story is conventional to the heard-that, seen-that mold." Trust Me: Notorious is a very good Biopic(especially as far as music biopic's go(The Doors, 90%, is good too). Men Of Honor is just a greatly acted and directed film all around. P.S. This is directed by and produced, acted, and written by Latinos, and/or people of spanish heritage, so even if it seems racist(which it didn't to me), it isn't. Only a self-diluted a-hole would think that.

Jeff B (es) wrote: Yet another artsy fartsy movie about an artist.

Rafael A (kr) wrote: Entretenida solo para verla en un da aburrido,muchos clich (C)s y actuaciones regulares

Jhaneb K (it) wrote: Completly different from the genre by Karan Johar but well executed and made. Ajay devgan stole the show.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: 50 first dates is a good romantic comedy with two leads that have great chemistry together and actually create some romantic and very funny moments.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i

Hex M (fr) wrote: Saw this roughly around the time it came out back when I was around 16. It was one of the only horror movies that has stuck with me through out the years as a stark pin point for disturbing.

Yvonne B (gb) wrote: this movie makes me love the idea of love...and makes me love my church even more <3

Bill C (fr) wrote: Just released on BRD. Poor quality audio, pathetically re-mastered video; a great concert rendered very average. Yet another Eagle Vision "cash grab".

Jeff B (nl) wrote: One of the cutest animal movies ever. Good for a teary-eyed ending. Real wholesome family fun, unlike the crap Disney spits out. .

Nik M (ag) wrote: Kes is a powerful commentary on various socio-political topics but also delivered as deeply compelling drama that attaches itself to your heart in the smoothest of ways.

Nina S (es) wrote: brilliant piece of work, Jackson was positively delicious... "how are your thighs?" see it big screen, if possible

Jason L (ca) wrote: Average movie, with some pretty bad acting but not horrible. It felt more like a made for TV / Lifetime show than a studio movie.

Felipe F (de) wrote: Eastern Promises features director David Cronenberg's trademark raw violence allied with Viggo Mortensen's strong lead performance and the result is a gritty and haunting crime drama.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: What a piece of garbage. Milla Jovovich is a terrible actress aside from Dazed and Confused. Edward Norton made some horrible acting choices here and DeNiro sleepwalks for a paycheck. 30 minutes of this shit felt like 3 hours. Cliched, tired, and beyond boring.