Catch the Dream

Catch the Dream

The story of Denmark's most famous racehorse and the family behind it.

The story of Denmark's most famous racehorse and the family behind it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sujay H (mx) wrote: This was baaaad. Ok it looked really pretty with the anime style, but the plot and writing were lame. The action and voice acting were just ok. Stay away from this one.

Gaspar O (us) wrote: I was expecting absolutely nothing from this one, it was just something typically stupid that a buddy and I watch when he's over. I would have actually rated this higher had it not had the worst ending of all time. The lead actor, Larry Joe Campbell, should have been the one guy you could count on to act, but for the most part, he failed. Blame it on the directing, blame it on the editing, blame it on the script, blame it on him...somewhere there was failure. Despite mostly bad acting across the board, the film itself was fairly suspenseful and somewhat fun to watch. Minus a half star for the horrendous ending and NEVER looking at the memory card from the camera, but for what it is, it's not half bad.

paul s (gb) wrote: There exists a rather tired bit of popular slang: "keeping it real". Well I'm here to tell you that through this documentary you get to see a genuine person - no b.s., no window dressing - just a real, genuine person who knows who he is and doesn't make apologies. For the uninitiated, Still Bill is about Bill Withers, a multi genre singer/songwriter who had several very large hits and then, in the middle of his fame, chose to simply walk away... not from music, but the music business. At the time of the filming Bill celebrated his 70th birthday, and we find that he is just as fresh and real as he was when he, as he put it, told the "blacksperts" to shove it. We get to see him revisit his old home town - a mining town (in other words, everything there, the buildings and the stores, were all owned by the mining company) - just walking about with an old school chum and talking of the relevance of a time and place, and how that time and place should and does resonate and form a great deal of your persona. There is also a good deal of archival footage, live performances from the 70's along with interviews from that period that show Bill just being Bill. Along the way we also see some recent "guest" appearances with various musicians and a very interesting chat with renowned thinker Cornell West. We also see that he is still creating music, from working songs with his daughter to an informal jam session with a blind Latin music virtuoso who, when he mentions that he is "disabled", Bill corrects him and tells him that he is "enabled". Really, this is a guy you'd just want to sit down and chat with, and through the documentary you really get the sense that why his music was popular, was because he was able to channel who he was into every syllable of lyric and every chord he played. If you are unfamiliar with his body of work, here's just a short list: Ain't No Sunshine, Just The Two of Us (with great sax work by the late Grover Washington), Use Me, Lean on Me, Lovely Day, Who Is He (and what is he to you?), and Grandma's Hands. Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

Nancy K (au) wrote: Great documentary about the trouble facing small breweries focusing on some lady that brews caffeinated beer but also Dogfish Head - who refuses to sell out (unlike caffeinated beer lady). Well done, although a bit disjointed at parts. Very interesting to learn about the beer lobby. Yes, there's a beer lobby.

David S (us) wrote: Went to see The Lion of Judah last night. My girlfriend and I were the only two people in the theater! It's a well intended movie but I have to agree with the critics - the storyline was disjointed, animation lacking refinement with unnatural movement on flat, glitchy backgrounds (it was obvious they were on a budget), the dialogue was uneven and most of the jokes were weak. You could feel that the movie was trying too hard to be "cool" for the younger set. This movie will have to rely on field trips by vacation bible schools and Sunday-school teachers to regain their investment. Once again, good message...mediocre execution.

Justin A (nl) wrote: It's a good story, but this film adaptation just isn't scary. It feels very bland and no scene is filled with any type of horror or dread. The closest thing we get to some real scares is the end when the father is confronting his son Gage. However, it's tough to find truly scary because kids (especially toddlers) aren't really that scary.

Gerasimos E (mx) wrote: pure far-western fun with a thunder performance by Betty Hutton as Annie Oakley.

Gmd E (jp) wrote: It shows food like no one else showed before,and it's powerful story would make you clap.

Damon R (au) wrote: It's better off as a rental. Although, it is brutal.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 9/2/2016: Very disappointing considering the great cast. Nothing memorable or great about this film.