A witness to a mob assassination flees for her life from town to town, switching identities, but cannot seem to elude Milo, the chief killer out to get her.

A witness to a mob assassination flees for her life from town to town, switching identities, but cannot seem to elude Milo, the chief killer out to get her

Catchfire is the best excited movies torrent of Rachel Kronstadt Mann (story), Rachel Kronstadt Mann (screenplay), Ann Louise Bardach (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 1990. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Dennis Hopper, Jodie Foster, Dean Stockwell, Vincent Price, John Turturro, Fred Ward, Julie Adams, Tony Sirico, Sy Richardson, Frank Gio, Helena Kallianiotes, John Apicella, Clifford Bartholomew, Kevin Bourland, Carl David Burks. The kind of movie are Thriller. The rating is 5.4 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movies torrent. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Alex R (jp)

seriously this movie was so bad i think a fish can make a better movie

Andrew I (ru)

10. 6. The wrecking ball scene is quite exciting if totally unbelievable and by the time the final denouement comes with the Arab and the combine harvester(!), you'll probably be as glad as I was it was all finally over. There's a scuffle in London Zoo which is moderately exciting, then it all gets a bit silly. Some arty direction and peculiar camera angles start this thriller off on a good footing, then come some amusing lines, a bit of intrigue, some classic cars and scenes of 1960s London

Brandon M (nl)

What a bad horrible movie, must see!

Cheewai L (es)

If you seek the usual Hollywood absolute good and bad, you don't find them here. A Venezuelan hostage drama set against the backdrop of social injustice

Christopher B (br)

Really corny but enjoyable

John H (us)

because ninjas are cool? If you want to see this movie, please donate your brain to science first. . . And oh yeah, there are ninjas. What's worse than having Pauly Shore be the lead actor in a horribly unfunny comedy? Making child actors be the lead in a horribly unfunny Pauly Shore comedy! These kids have all the emotional range of a house cat

Li F (de)

. . . Don't know why it went straight-to-dvd. Lovely movie, well-made, strong acting, has a good anti-teen drinking message

Michael G (it)

It's just too bad there are those story parts inbetween. Fortunately, X the Unknown has all of these things. And if you're lucky, some spectacular photography. The story is nothing innovative or even particularly exciting but even Hammer's lesser efforts have some great murders, an awesome-looking monster and a great finale. Dean Jagger plays an American scientist in Scotland, who with the army at his disposal must stop the radioactive version of The Blob. This not entirely satisfying Hammer film is pretty much solidifies the reason as to why you didn't see them making too many sci-fi movies

Neil G (gb)

Good solid film sentiment is their but direction of the film is scatty and lost in its own layers you feel like it's never going to end

Shaun B (es)

This film doesn't disappoint. They are both good actors and good filmmakers. Big fan of the Polish Bros