An isolated elderly woman, in desperate need of stimulation, conjures an infestation of silk-spinning caterpillars, thus leading her to a mind-bending epiphany. 'Caterpillar' is a cerebral drama, filmed in the historical Wynkoop House, famous for housing George Washington. The crew consists of highly esteemed artists working across a wide spectrum of disciplines. This includes special effects artist, Ben Bornstein (300, The Fighter), visual effects artist Greg Silverman (Black Swan), and editor, Corey Bayes (Haywire, Contagion, The Informant, Che). From storyline through production, Caterpillar is an ode to the creative process. This film is a must-see for anyone who has ever submitted to their imagination and felt transformed by an idea.

During the Second Sino-Japanese War, in 1940, Lieutenant Kurokawa returns home as a honored and decorated soldier... but deprived of his arms and legs lost in battle in mainland China. All ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark S (br) wrote: This was an entertaining 85-minute story of a former Hollywood/music biz manager/entertainer. A lot of stories by which you'll say "no way!" but that appear to have some semblance of truth to them. The guy looks like Larry David ... but he's apparently a lot nicer!

Lou D (au) wrote: nicely done movie about the struggles an asian-american single parent family of two young ones goes through to realize the foundation of their desires.

Aaron C (de) wrote: A deep understated look at urbanity and its accompanying ills -- kinda makes you want to give up (on life & on this movie), until one sees the value of perseverance and hope.

Paul B (it) wrote: didn't get it, but liked it anyway

justin b (kr) wrote: This stain of a movie tarnishes the good names that are Angus Sampson and Rachel Hunter. Predictable jokes, not even funny predictable jokes, this produces as many laughs as that stupid show David Tench. So basically none. If you have a copy of this, or David Tench, burn it.

StevenErika D (gb) wrote: This was a good opportunity to see Courtney Cox Arquette in a different sort of role than what we've typically seen her in. Quite different from Monica Geller! It was sort of confusing because it never becomes clear exactly what really happens in the movie, but still it kept our attention and kept us awake.

Dominique C (br) wrote: I don't care what anyone says, I love this movie! Paris, First Class, International!!!

Jason M (br) wrote: One of the best movies in this genre you've never heard of. Milks our frustration with real tension and is totally creepy without anyone getting anything chopped off.

Zack T (it) wrote: Sweet, Charming, and everything great about Felini.

Shawn S (it) wrote: The cast is exceptional, the story is excellent, and this is extremely fun.