Cattle Call

Cattle Call

A guy starts a fake casting agency in hopes that he will meet his soul mate.

A guy starts a fake casting agency in hopes that he will meet his soul mate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garret I (gb) wrote: A Christian "movie" that treats anxiety disorders as well as Catholic Priests and little boys

bill s (fr) wrote: The movie promised little and delivered even less.....flat,generic thriller that atleast sets up a sequel....can not wait to miss that one.

Ina K (it) wrote: God p grund af det usdvanlige filmsprog og en historie med masser af vold og hvn uden forstyrrende nuancer. Men "Ekko" holder alts ikke....

Simon D (ca) wrote: Pretty good film, sort of follows the coming of age of a kid in Glasgow trying to give his mother a new start when she gets out of prison. Pretty gritty, like an Irvine Welsh novel without the humour. Lost half a star for the lack of a happy ending. The acting was completely flawless mind

Gregory G (br) wrote: Brutally funny, irreverent satire on the politics of abortion that portrays activists on both sides as ludicrous extremists. Laura Dern is Ruth Stoops; a pregnant, glue-sniffing indigent who is ordered by a judge after an arrest to have an abortion to reduce her criminal charges. Ruth's conundrum becomes a battle between the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements as each side claims Ruth as a symbol for the issue. This is one of the rare sophisticated social satires on one of the most controversial issues of our times yet it is vastly underrated. The filmmakers refuse to take sides, which may be upsetting to some, right until the perfect ending; a summation of how individuals become pawns for the movement itself. Alexander Payne made his directorial debut with this film and it remains his most daring effort and, I think, his best movie. Tall, skinny Laura Dern is convincingly haggard and ambivalent. Co-written by Payne and Jim Taylor. The rest of the cast includes terrific performances by Burt Reynolds, Kurtwood Smith, Swoozie Kurtz, Kelly Preston, David Graf, Kenneth Mars, Tippi Hedren, and an unbilled Diane Ladd.

Anna B (br) wrote: The third act is kinda cool, but it looks like dogshit for most of its length.

Wendy B (it) wrote: There are a handful of scenes in this that will have you laughing out loud. And JoBeth Williams is so magnificent--shoot, I wonder why she's not in more movies? An excellent blend of mystery, suspense, and of course, comedy. :)

Aidan M (nl) wrote: An amazing movie about a cat and her three lives in Scotland

Eytan D (jp) wrote: "A Case Of You" doesn't do anything different compared to the hundreds of other romantic comedies that preceded it. However, it is sweet, funny, and well-acted enough to keep you entertained for the entirety of its running time. Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood have an effortless chemistry.

Tanner M (es) wrote: Chucky has been in some epic horror movies. All his previous films are great. One as good as another, then for a fourth one we get this. Bride of Chucky is obviously Chucky and his wife together, but this film is just about Chucky, and his wife taking a car ride, and killing people in ridiculous ways. Like more ridiculous then Friday the 13th. That gives you an idea of how weird this one is compared to the rest.

Matthew R (jp) wrote: Not entirely sold on the accents/roles that JGL and ScarJo have to play in the film, but with a fairly simple concept they made it feel personal.