It was Leonora Eames' childhood dream come true. She had married Smith Ohlrig, a man worth millions. But her innocent dream became a nightmare once she realizes the truth about her husband - he is power mad and insane! Since he will not grant her a divorce, she leaves her life of luxury on Long Island and goes to work as a receptionist in an impoverished doctor's office in NYC's lower east side. After Smith deceives her into a temporary reconciliation, Leonora becomes pregnant. By the time she realizes she is expecting, she and one of the doctors, Larry Quinada (James Mason), have fallen in love. But she is again lured backed to her wealthy husband to give her child financial security. Her sadistic husband is hell-bent on keeping her and her child prisoner. What will happen to Leonora?

Wide-eyed and poor young Leonora weds an obsessive millionaire named Ohlrig, but the marriage is loveless. Only an act of God rescues Leonora from a life of lavish bondage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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kevin j (it) wrote: When bike messenger Anne (Rebecca R. Palmer) meets Chris (Ben Price), the two enjoy a one-night stand at Chris's apartment. Guilt-ridden, Anne then arranges a romantic weekend at a remote cottage with her boyfriend, Michael (Tom Frederic). But as the couple rides the mountain trails, a psychotic Chris lies in wait ? and Anne's nightmare begins. Robert Krause directed and co-wrote this chilling survival slasher flick.

Josh T (ag) wrote: better than I expected

Augustine H (es) wrote: After "Monster", Charlize Theron gives another performance with flesh in this fine movie accusing injustice. We all share his pain throughout with other characters. The exhilarating ending reminds me of "Dead Poets Society", though there is no less grievance.

stephanie g (it) wrote: I like the movie and I wish Netflix us have it on streaming watch, :)

Adriano G (mx) wrote: gente feia, decadente, drogada, violelenta, burra, perdida.... coisa mais linda esse filme. huauhahuuhaa

George G (de) wrote: It's almost one week since I first watched it. I still laugh remembering some of the scenes of the film. Amazing comedy

Andrew C (br) wrote: A slow going but decent enough film with some of the greatest stop motion ever.

Nate W (it) wrote: This movie is absolutely hilarious!! Definitely a must watch if you have a sense of humor.

Susie G (ru) wrote: A sweet movie about the power of coincidence and the bonds of family and friends.

Toby C (ru) wrote: An interesting plot, however poor acting and visuals distract from an otherwise great movie.

Shred H (es) wrote: Awesome movie... A must watch... Saw it at a surf film festival in orleans mass and everyone was on there feet...well done

Jason G (es) wrote: Total Van Wilder rip off but with sports.