Caught in the Web

Caught in the Web

The story of three women whose worlds collide, Caught in the Web is a social commentary about the ‘sound bite’ society we are becoming, where perception becomes reality and judgments based on limited facts quickly spread, without regard for the truth or the damage they could cause.

The story begins on a bus, when white-collar worker Ye refuses to give up her seat to a senior citizen. Her defiance is videotaped by a journalist intern and played during a news show. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (ca) wrote: I really like Ethan Hawke and John Travolta but this film just doesn't work. Is it a comedy? Is it a dark revenge movie? Or does it just fall into the abyss between them?

Petros T (mx) wrote: Quite gripping and at times even funny, "The Act Of Killing" hammers home a brutal truth.

Alfin N (us) wrote: The violent past and future of Brazilian rebellion and revolution framed in the usual Cloud Atlas-like reincarnation backstory.

emily h (gb) wrote: so cute! loved the cherades :P and the excorist

Marischa B (fr) wrote: this was one of the worse movies i have ever seen!!!! the only good thing about this movie was the true storyline!!! not even hallmark channel would show this!!!!

Paolo M (it) wrote: Martin Scorsese to Elia Kazan: "It always had to stay between me and the movies, and the only way I can tell you how much you meant to me was by making movies" .

Jason C (it) wrote: Likely the most provocative and important documentary ever made. Densely informative, so I found more than one viewing necessary.

Zack B (jp) wrote: Great movie. Probably my least favorite of the LOTR movies because there's so much exposition but I thought the acting was great. The story is also solid.

Stacy A (mx) wrote: Yes. I bought the DVD and gave it a high rating. Don't hate me. The reason for the rating and the fact I bought it was because of Jim Varney. He does an excellent job as Lothar Zogg and is sexy to boot. Before we all start hating on Hulk Hogan, let's take a look at Loni Anderson who, by far, takes the 'Most Wooden Performance Award' of the century. She was not convincing at all as Medusa and if this is a kids' movie, why was she wearing that skanky outfit? She was much better on 'WKRP in Cinncinati'. Mr. Varney steals the show and I would've been happy to see him in every scene. He truly oustshines the entire cast, including the three ninjas themselves. I was actually rooting for Lothar to be successful in his mission. Tum Tum's yells started grating on my nerves after a while. Medusa's nephews, where do I start? How did they ever break into the theme park? All, but Lothar, didn't have the intelligence to do such a thing. Ok, Victor Wong was great, too. Maybe if Varney had cast and directed this movie, it wouldn't have flopped. Only Varney seemed to give 100% to his role. The rest? Well, I would've been satisfied if it was a one man show staring Varney. Oh, wait, I have his commercials. Now, that's worth watching repeatedly. If you're really, truly a fan of Varney's then you might want to get this simply for him and in his memory. If not, leave it in the bin.

Ann C (br) wrote: Re-watched it a few nights ago, lovely film, beautiful and genuine.

David S (ca) wrote: The meandering pace of the film and the way it circles back on itself effectively mirror the life of the main character. However, there's very little emotional involvement in any of the plots--Mona's or the side characters.

Veniea T (nl) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Zoi K (ru) wrote: A classic film-noir: a famme fatale, a clever but crazy in love fellow who fells under her spells, a rich victim, a murder, an investigation and the final fall (justice always thrives). Take all of them and serve them inside a grimmy atmosphere, tons of sexuality (that anklet!), and witty dialogs. Cannot fail!

Jim S (ru) wrote: Gory, dark and claustrophobic, full of standard action sequences and only adequate acting I guess you have to be a fan of the games to appreciate this dreck. Helps to show that a film can have too much suspense to make it any good.

Tiburon B (ca) wrote: it took me years to understand this movie but it is a masterpiece in every way. I'm surprised it only won two Oscars.

emily h (ca) wrote: really good film, leo has always been such a good actor

Ricky C (ru) wrote: Frustrating to see a talented actor properly directed. It's like meh....