Cause of Death

Cause of Death

Colombian Drug Lord, Manuel Ramirez is called to Los Angeles to retrieve his millions in blood money after the unsuspected death of his brother. However, Ramirez realizes a trail of murder,...

Colombian Drug Lord Mannel Ramirez is lured to Los Angles to retrieve his millions in Blood Money after the chance death of his brother. Jeff Rollins, who is a DEA agent, is alerted to Ramirez' arrival by his partner Harold McBain. Ramirez is tough and smells a double-cross. A trail of death follows Ramirez after he arrives in L.A. The last man in his way is Jeff, who he quickly stabs. But is it safe for Ramirez to get his money from a bank vault that only he can open? Jeff Rollins, left for dead, reaches his younger brother Campbell before he dies, Campbell, a college senior, and his girlfriend Jessica, are now involved. Campbell, an unlikely hero, is now caught in a double intrigue and must avenge his brother's death. He is willing to stop Ramirez at any cost.` . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (mx) wrote: Robert Zemeckis' first feature is nothing to write home about. It's a good premise, but I didn't really care about any of the characters. I think his next feature, 'Used Cars' is where his talent really started to show.

Eric H (nl) wrote: Bernado Bertolucci's strange film 'The Conformist' tells the story of a fascist assassin. Although it's set in a historical milleau, it's striking cinematography emphasises fascist architecture in such a way that makes it feel more as if it was set in the sort of dystopian future Mussolini wanted to create, instead of the world he actually presided over. At it's centre is a man without a moral centre, torn between assassinating his former professor (for the cause) or abandoning his mission to elope with the professor's wife: the two dance their way an erotic but weary and resigned flirtation before the decision is made. The sense of detachment is intriguing but ultimately hollow."The Conformist" is a masterpiece of Eurarctic cinema. It treats the viewer to a series of elegantly composed shots while scrupulously avoiding any degree of engagement with the characters which might prove a distraction from the aesthetic riches. When the protagonist visits his father in a lunatic asylum, the strikingly theatrical marble backdrop is accentuated, while any sense of emotional connection between father and son is wisely kept to a minimum. Likewise, we are permitted to know almost nothing about the character whose assassination is planned, or his past relations with the would-be assassin, so as not to lure the viewer into an imaginative involvement which might compete with the beauty of the forest scene where the climax takes place. This, thankfully, is a film of correct values, in which architecture and composition are rightly valued above human beings and their transient problems. The eye is greater than the heart. Actors can be graceful additions to scenery, as long as they don't commit the vulgar error of making you feel something. I can think of no more effective critique of fascism.

Andrew C (au) wrote: (The short film, not the upcoming feature) When judged by the standards of a short film, it's undeniable that this is an amazing piece of work. I'm keen to see how it will translate to a full length movie.