Adam, a security guard, travels from California to the Philippines, his native land, for his father's funeral. He arrives in Manila. As he waits, a phone rings in his backpack; he answers it, and a male voice tells him that his mother and sister are captives and will be killed if Adam doesn't cooperate. Over the next hour, the voice sends Adam by bus, taxi, motorized tricycle, and on foot through an urban landscape of busy streets, cramped apartments, a fetid squatters' camp, a bank, a cockfighting arena, and a church. Adam's conversations with the voice cover murder, Islam, jihad, rebellion in Mindanao, and his family. What is it Adam will be commanded to do?

Flying back to his home country, an American man is informed that his mother and sister have been kidnapped and will be killed if he doesn't comply with certain demands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaitlyn J (mx) wrote: Was funny in the beginning and then start losing its touch. Had some stupid scenes. At least it had a happy ending.

Jesse S (gb) wrote: Very educational! A must see movie.

Manch F (au) wrote: Boring and insipid, perhaps the worst iteration of the character ever put on the big screen. Seriously, the execution of that Uncle Ben death scene was awful.

Karen F (de) wrote: Oh my goodness...Aaron Carter is one of the nicest American teen popstars when compared tot he rest of them but still... :/ Oh, and to those who want to see it: It's on youtube.

Timothy J (it) wrote: One word : Bad! Despite Bridget Fonda.

Zombie S (jp) wrote: funny and heartbreaking in equal measures. on the face of it this film could be dismissed as a slapstick comedy about a bumbling failed yakuza, but it is so much more. even more poinient once you discover it's based on the story of Takeshis own father.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Suicide Kings is a mediocre film that just lacked despite its good cast. Despite its unique plot and a cast of varied talent, this film let me down and I thought it could have used a few rewrites. The film was simply underdeveloped and was all over the place. Not even a cast like this could save the film from being a total dud and I was very disappointed in what I saw. I thought the plot was very interesting, but lacked something to really make it a standout film. The end result is a film that is mediocre and has wasted talent on-screen. If the script and direction would have been better, then maybe the result would have been much better on-screen, and the film would truly been interesting to watch. As it was, it was a dull affair that simply didn't grab my attention and like I stated before, it was all over the place, and tried to give the viewer way too much elements at once, which really didn't interest me in the long run. Walken is a great actor, and one of my favorites, however not even him could save the mediocre material from failure. Don't expect much from this picture as it doesn't do anything really interesting with its unique plot, and I think it's a shame because this film could have been truly something worth seeing. On paper, this film probably looked great, but on-screen it is a disappointing effort that really isn't worth checking out. If the ideas would have been thought a bit more, and the darkly humorous bits were better written, then I think the film would have worked, but as it stands, it just doesn't deliver.

bill s (fr) wrote: With this star power we get this movie??????

Sergel C (ca) wrote: Two exciting, dangerous actors have little to do: Duvall spends too much time pacing and waiting; De Niro's big scene has him hanging up his vestments.

Hollie T (fr) wrote: Not too crazy about this slasher and for some reason I had no previous knowledge of Christopher George having a role so it was a nice surprise.

jesse k (de) wrote: This was a pretty good movie starring Bob Lancaster, Burt's younger brother. AC is an interesting place that I went to in the early 60's with my parents sometimes, before the casinos. Gambling didn't save the town and it is opulent pleasure palaces surrounded by brutal crack slums now. Kind of like Vegas is turning into.

AD V (nl) wrote: From the actors screaming their lines in monotone to the sloppy editing it looks and feels every bit of the lousy TV that cluttered the airwaves in the 70's making this an aggravatingly dull pre-slasher.

Brett B (au) wrote: A passable mid-60s comedy that is - unfortunately - not all that funny (kind of surprising considering this script came from Neil Simon at the height of his powers), but it's well made (courtesy of director De Sica), has an interesting, caper-ish premise, and features Peter Sellers doing the best he can with the relative lack of gags. Should have been better, but could have been worse.

Jordan J (kr) wrote: King Kong is a really good classic and this film doesn't do anything to ruin it. This film respects its original material. The special effects are pretty good but questionable at times but other than that everything else is really good. I am willing to give this an A+