Cayman Went

Cayman Went

Cayman Went is the story of Josh Anders, a fading Hollywood underwater action star whose life takes on new meaning when he's forced to spend time with the eccentric, endearing inhabitants of Cayman Brac and their local dive community.

Fading Hollywood underwater action star Cayman Went (Michael Lombardi) travels to a Caribbean island to convince three property owners to sell their land to a real estate mogul. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johanna G (ru) wrote: I saw Compound Fracture in Greensboro NC and really enjoyed it! I thought Tyler Mane and his wife did an excellent job and I loved the premise of the movie. The twist at the end was not expected and I thought that was great also! I understand the budget was not a multi million dollar one but I liked it just as much!

Jason U (de) wrote: Granted, there's nothing cool about the fact that I like this movie. Then again, allow me to make my case for being okay with this premise:To some degree, we're laughing at special needs people here. But compare it to something like that Johnny Knoxville movie, The Ringer. THIS movie isn't a condescending flick that excuses its handicapped gags with an insincere message. No, this is simply a fun horror-comedy, in which no one is safe from being the butt of a joke. That, for me, is more respectable. This loose sequel to MONSTURD is surprisingly smart, yet shameless, as it revels in potty jokes and cheapo gross-outs. Some of the actors are clearly NOT actors. And the filmmakers clearly don't care. Hell, the video grade is decidedly low. The sound recording is occasionally crappy. And there's no such thing as a transitional shot.BUT...90% of the jokes work. And Retardead actually weaves stories and characters together better than Spider-Man 3. Hang around for the song on the closing credits.

guria k (ru) wrote: love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russell T (es) wrote: Good fun and a good enough Christmas film. Not many plot twists but it was enjoyable. Good makeup, didn't even notice it was Leslie Nielson till a bit into the film! I know. my bad lol. I know others rated this bad, but the good thing about an xmas film is did you have fun and feel Christmassy? I did! A win for me.

Indu R (ru) wrote: This movie is alright. It is funny and the acting is good. The plot is too simple.

Mary R (us) wrote: This movie seemed to be trying to imitate Clerks to me for some reason...but a cuter much crappier version.

Jeff Z (ca) wrote: Bridges, Dern, Gammon and Lane are very good in this and Barkin is outstanding. Walter Hill still does well with the action scenes, but the rest of the film drags along and the script lets down the good cast. As a result the film seems a lot longer than it is and lost my interest a number of times. I had wondered why I never heard of this. Now I know.

Irwan S (gb) wrote: Lighthearted and entertaining. Typical charm of young Michael J. Fox. Makes me remember my childhood in the 80s :-)

Luca T (it) wrote: After the collaboration with Spielberg, Don Bluth directed and wrote with Gary Goldman one of their best works, "all dogs go to heaven". Despite the fact its a animated movie, we can't say its a movie for children... or maybe, not only for them: full of good emations, enviroments often raw (gangsterism and betting), sensitive issues , but still well treated like the death and excellent teachings also aimed at a more mature audience ( for whom the love of Charlie Anne Marie for which eventually sacrifices his own life , the friendship between the protagonist and Itchy and how to fill the life,choosing between selfish gain or dedicating oneself to others ). As always, the animation is excellent , the characters constructed with accuracy without stereotypes and songs , although not destined to become classics , will always remain in the hearts of those who loved this film since childhood, like me. A child could be scared in front of some infernal scenes or violence , but still moved by the final and have fun at the same time. All dogs go to heaven is a little and powerfull movie for every body. Join it

Easter K (jp) wrote: A wonderful film from the early days of sound.

Adam R (gb) wrote: A watchable but overpraised comedy. It's crude, annoying, and not very funny. The sports aspect makes it moderately enjoyable though. (First viewing - Late teen years)

Harry W (it) wrote: Any action film with Kurt Russell or Steven Seagal is a must see for me, therefore anything combining their talents is of top priority.Executive Decision seemed to me like a film with a lot of wasted potential to it. It suggested at the start that it would have been a legitimate action film, but after a while it becomes clear that director Stuart Baird is a lot more foucsed on the thriller aspect of the story than he is on implementing in enough action to anchor the spectacle.One key issue with Executive Decision is Steven Seagal. Although he is a big name action hero, his screen time in the film is way too low and even though he has some decent action moments, when he is gone the quantity of action goes downhill and the film becomes a lot more political. His performance was fine so I don't know how he managed to score himself a Golden Raspberry award nomination for Worst Supporting Actor, and if he was around for longer then there is no telling how much better Executive Decision could have been. So when you go in to see Executive Decision you need to understand that it is more of a thriller than an action thriller and that Steven Seagal only has a bit part in the overall film.The antagonists in Executive Decision do not seem that evil. I mean, when they hijack the plane they kill few people and somehow keep on letting Jean participate in her constantly suspicious activities. Although there are several explosions and deaths in the film, the atmosphere was not as intense as it wanted to be because the enemies in the film were not as antagonising as they should be. The entire theme of terrorists taking control of a plane and an people trying to fight back for it all feels very reminiscent of Air Force One but does not live up to the quality of the film. The entire film is a bit reminiscent of that without being as exhilarating, thrilling or exciting. I guess it is more realistic this way because it would be senseless for terrorists to go on such a merciless killing spree on a plane when negotiations are key, but in terms of entertainment value Executive Decision is not as effective as you might expect.The premise in Executive Decision is a complex one, and it is a bit much of a theoretical film in the end. Despite holding up a budget of $60 million and having some great moments of action and visual effects, it ends up being a bit too talky. But still, it is a fairly decent film. I mean, it does feel legitimate because the stunts all look call and the realistic nature of the setting is reinforced by a strong production design, powerful visual effects and atmospheric cinematography. So visually, Executive Decision manages to do the job well enough for it to be a realistic thriller, and at time it does manage to be exhilarating and intense. Executive Decision doesn't fully capitalise on its own potential, but it does have some powerful moments and a script which is constantly full of realistic dialogue and gives the actors a lot to work with. So from a technical standpoint, Executive Decision shows of director Stuart Baird's keen eye for strong visuals and other firm technical elements including a powerful and patriotic musical score which gives the film a good atmosphere.There are a lot of characters in Executive Decision and so it is difficult to find many of them all that compelling, but there is a fine cast on board.Kurt Russell's leading performance in Executive Decision doesn't seem to challenge him all that much, but he manages to prove himself talented in the part because he has a natural patriotic heroism to him which is key to the part. Kurt Russell's natural action heroism makes him essential to the role and the intensity in his line delivery and fearless dedication to the role makes him a key asset to the success of Executive Decision. His tense emotional portrayal makes him a great lead, and his character is a more meaningful one than you may have expected because he is not a simply thin action hero but rather an actual negotiator, a man who uses words to protect the innocent and only guns when there really is no other option. Kurt Russell is one of the best reasons to see Executive Decision, and fans of his will not be let down unless their expectation is for him to go in with guns blazing.Although her character is very thinly sketched, Halle Berry manages to put her natural acting talent into the part and gives an emotionally tense portrayal of the character. Although her line delivery is sometimes off, she constantly has a tense physicality which makes it seem as if she is genuinely threatened by all the situations. Halle Berry is a great cast member in Executive Decision because she is very likable and compelling, and she gives it a nice touch of humanity as well as sharing a nice chemistry with Kurt Russell.John Leguizamo was also great. I'm not the biggest fan of his, but in Executive Decision he delivers just what is necessary to the part by keeping himself sunk into the tension of his character the whole time and delivering his words with the necessary heroic confidence without going over the top or seeming wooden. John Leguizamo is a great contribution to the cast in Executive Decision and gives it his all in the part which pays off.So Executive Decision is a problematic film because it is short on action, slow in pacing and lacking in enough Steven Seagal to anchor its prime ambition. But the quality of the acting, the visual experience and the general atmosphere manages to make up for it most of the time even though its entertainment value as a whole is scattered.

Staush P (us) wrote: I want the 2 hours of my life back.

Tracy F (it) wrote: Cute movie. I love Julianna Moore in anything though.

Matt C (us) wrote: Great fun to watch this unique cast!